Living the Past, Moving On


United States
37° 0' 45.9072" N, 121° 33' 35.406" W

Sitting in the past,
I see you wear a mask.
Why can't you just be honest?
I thought you were my goddess.
What did I do you wrong?
Was I not good enough?
The world was against the two of us.
Why did I even listen?
I must been mistaken.
Everything the world say, you go and play.
Everything I say, you walk away.
You tried to lie, I saw right by.
I tried to take, you dissociate.
This came the fall, you stole it all.
I'm giving up, this is enough.
We walk separate ways, far far away.
I wake up here from my old dream
And what I see is a Cherry Blossom Tree.
Life is tough, got to live it rough.
Sit back and relax, you will move passed.


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