Mon, 04/11/2016 - 19:27 -- haleel

I'll be with you forever

 Of course you will Daddy, we'll always be together

I'll always help you when you are sad

 I know Daddy. You ALWAYS make me feel glad

I'll hold you're hand when your afraid. Be there to make sure everything's okay

 I know Daddy. It will always be this way

But my little child there is something I need to tell you today

 What is it Daddy? I will always listen to what you say

Forever is forever until forever goes away

 I don't understand? Can you help me see? It's always going to be just like this. Just with you and me. Right Daddy?

When I understand I'll try to make you see. When any of this makes ANY sense you'll come back to me (tears are falling down my face)

 But I don't want to go. Out there is not where I want to be. I want to be right here with you. I want my Daddy...

I know dear child that this is sad but someday we will be glad. Please remember all the fun we had and every day we got to play.

 Daddy when I am sad I'm going to try and remember all the fun we had and every day we got to play...

That is good my dearest child but now it is time to enter out there. Out into the wild

 It's okay Daddy please don't cry. Just be strong and I will always try

I will be strong and think of you. Every day I will stay true and I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU

One last thing before you go. One last thing I want you to know. I am sad today but I know we can wait until forever has gone away

Keep me in your heart forever and we will always be together


And that was all they had to say...




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My family
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