Make it Through

All I wanted...

I’m just tryna make it through

I’m just tryna make a better way 

I’m just trying to see you through

Nobody knew the pain, all they seen is what they wanted

But I promised when I had you, that I’ll make it better boo

First time I looked in your eyes all I did was cry

How can I bring a blessing in this world

With no plans for the sky

So yea mommy hustled and had enemies as I did it 

Struggled as I strived for the best, they seen it as competition 

No I wasn’t perfect but I walked in it

Made sure I kept God, I seen where it was headed

I always knew he wanted the best of me 

Young and dumb I fell in to what I thought was the best for me 

Sorry for letting you feel what I went through 

Didn’t know what love was, I was so in lust 

Tried to get out before it was to late

I ain’t even want that plate, the fear in my heart doubted my destiny

He saw my weakness and used it against me

No one can hurt us, no one can pull us down no more 

I’m determined to get it back I’m determined we will win

You gone be all you can be with or without me 

I’ll teach you to be the greatest you without daddy 

You got a father that will teach you He picked me up when I was down

He the one that showed me everything,he placed me on solid ground

I’m forever grateful for all that he’s done, I thank him for all them trials those judges held grudges could of never won 

Had to Forgive the way they treated me

He kept me still, by his grace I was refilled,

He restored me when I was an abandoned soul 

So empty, so dark didn’t know where to embark

Even at my weakest he showed himself through The Lord is our shepherd and I believe we will not loose. 

God provided all things when we had none. 

Stay strong baby your life has just begun

Promises aren’t forever but count this one in 

All words from him is has already been sealed 

He loved you so much he even sent his kid 

Now he’s a friend who died for your sins

When times get rough and no ones there

Call on Jesus Christ the Almighty’s one son 

He said he will never leave you so don’t you fear, everywhere you go he’s always there.

This poem is about: 
My family
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