I am a Child of the Universe

Full with empathy

Laying on the naked heart pulsating through the Earth

Erupting at the core


I am a Child of the Universe

Patching the scarred tissue

Filling the holes with my own skin

Piece by piece I give


I am Child of the Universe

Hearing the whispers of those lost

Through time, space, infinity

Searching for a home


I am a Child of the Universe

Extending reach to the star dust

That make up dreams and reality

Creating impossibiities


I am a Child of the Universe

Centered in the soil I walks and the life I breathe

Filling the lungs with eternal source

Contracting and attracting light surrounds me


I am a Child of the Universe

I am not alone

As a choir we sing of heartache, joy, fear, love, lust, pain, laughter, and tears

We are all Children of the Universe


Sing with me

I reach for you.


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