teddy bear's lament


i dream of happier days:
before the cell phone,
her now-constant companion.
before computers, iPods.
before she cared
about how she looks.
about fitting in,

back when a night light 
kept bad dreams away.
back when i
was a comfort.
when she cried,
she'd hold me tight.
her soft hands
stroking my velvet nose.

i was her closest friend.
now i watch
her go through life...
she's outgrown me,
technology taking
my place.
friends and fashion,
boyfriends and drama.

i yearn for days of old:
tea parties,
sleepovers - she wasn't ashamed
to bring me then.

days of fairy tales,
not werewolves and vampires.
an innocent
true love's kiss,
fiery, passionate romance.

when i was her best friend,
before the shelf.
eyes filled with love.
before she abandoned me.
no, not abandoned...
before she forgot.



Please note that I posted this in December 2012 on deviantART.com under the username kmills95. (http://fav.me/d5n89yy)

The only edits made were punctuation. 


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