Adult is a four letter word.

It’s more dangerous than others

Because it denotes segregation

Between the old and young,

And does not offer forgiveness.

I never wish to be one.


Age does not define one,

But how they utilize the word.

They often don’t believe in forgiveness

And aren’t happy for others.

They want to be young

While they praise segregation


I do not want segregation.

I know some want to be one

But I wish to stay young.

‘As a child’ is my favorite word.

I don’t care what think the others,

I will practice forgiveness.


Kids like forgiveness,

That’s why there’s no segregation.

They’re involved with others;

They care about more than just one;

There’s often wisdom in their word,

And their youth doesn’t depend on being young.


I don’t need to be young

But I do need forgiveness.

Interesting is not the adults’ word

But if there must be segregation,

I will never be one

That ‘grows up’ like the others.


Although I grow old like others,

I will remain young.

We will not just be one

That believes in forgiveness,

And disapproves of segregation.

Free is another word.


What is hard for others to believe in forgiveness?

We can all be young, with or without segregation;

Together, not one, with a kind word.


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Our world


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