It is summer again.
The sun visits
Filling every crevice
With lost yet unforgotten light.
It shines
On the lonely black door
That sways and creaks
Letting the sun in.
It brings little warmth
And a cold breeze
Who rudely taps
The little curly head
Peeking out from the blanket.
Rubbing her eyes,
She smiles.
Welcoming the guests
Letting them lead her
To the land of white snow
And blue sea.
Each color being selfless.
Helping the other look beautiful.
In a furry coat and boots
She walks slowly
Leaving footprints.
Big black eyes gaze
Ever fascinated
By the monochrome stretch.
She heads
To a sandless beach.
Thick frozen water
That goes miles deep.
Land in its most native sense.
Land so much like water,
Water itself.
She stops.
Her feet feel something.
An unwanted projection
Amidst the soft snow.
She holds a button.
Beautiful. Green.
Her brain searching
In her dictionary of colors
To place this exotic tone.
A new birth.
In her land of white.
She remembers her friend
Who owned one.
Blue. On her coat.
Where is she?
She had said goodbye
Like many others
They always left.
Little does she know
That she must leave too
To strange lands
Where home has stone walls.
Painted. Green and yellow.
Warm. Yet it lacks
The softness of snow.
The quiet.
But overpowering colors
Will befriend her
Taking her into our world
Of grass and trees.
One she may have seen
When sound asleep
In her white home.
She looks at the sun
The sun that travelled
Far and wide
To reach this land.
Enjoying its journey
As its rays touched
New lands and seas.
And all this time
She waited for it
To reach its destination.
A long wait it was.
Through a cold dark winter
A few months of despair.
That melted away 
Into cries of joy.
I watch her.
Rosy cheeks
As soft as fur
A portrait of innocence.
A look of wonder in her eyes
As she explores her world
A world renewed
With light.


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