The Magic is Gone: Fair well to Disney


The Magic is gone, I said

As I looked up at the kingdom

Tiered like a cake with its blue and white frosting

I stood there, I stared

The magic no longer lived there


Pavement painted black

Permanent sunshine and laughter beating against it

Pitter-patter sounds of running, as if the rain was falling against a windowsill

Yet, and still the magic was no longer here


The place I once knew was now a distant memory

A mouse was no longer mickey; a duck was no longer Donald

Just animals

The magic was no longer here and was slipping away from me

just as the memory of me being here was

I am no longer a child


Never never land, never existed

A small world, doesn’t exist

And Disney was just a man

There is no such thing as magic, and it certainly doesn’t exist here

Well, not now, not anymore 



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