We'll Always


We'll always remember our youth,

our careless and reckless acts.

We'll always remember our childish loves,

the way we fall for ficition over facts.


We'll always remeber our power,

the way we gain or loose it.

We'll always remember our grasp

Of freedom, of strength, and to never quit.


We'll always remember our years,

how we live and watch our past.

We'll always remember our growth,

how it comes and goes so fast.


We'll always remember our fading life

the way journey has help and torn as a part.

We'll always remember our life's love

the way our hearts finally start.


We'll never remember all the pain,

because we don't want to be sad.

We'll never remember all the hurt

because we don't want to be mad.


We'll never remember all the joy

for the moment we'll make us feel old.

We'll never remember all the laughter

because the warmth has turned us into gold.


We'll always remember,

and we'll always move on. 

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