Never Growing Up


All children grow up

All but one

A boy who never grows up

best friends with a fairy

a tinkering fairy


Oh how overly jealous she can be

 her bells a ringing a tune

The boy is always flying

full of laughter

playing Father for the Lost Boys

He has no fear

nor no mortal enemy

except for one vicious monster

Captain Hook

his malicious smile with that Louis wig upon

his big bald head

A hand that bares his name

Always losing at the game of feeding boy

to the Croc


He visits many children, keeping the child at heart

in adults

Some forget but many more

remember to see the world as a playground

Not a world of work and work

We all grow up even if our hearts are young

But only one stays young in

Mind, body, and heart

A boy who lives faraway

To the Right Star on the Left

Who believes you can fly with

a happy thought

trust and fairy dust

Peter Pan




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