A Miracle


After being told I could not bare a child,

by God's good grace I was blessed with a miracle.

How could this tiny human being be growing inside of me?

Oh, how do I wonder?


I feel you move and roll inside me.

Your tiny hands and feet, fluttering in a fluid motion.

I close my eyes and whisper softly, a lullaby to put you at ease.


The days fly by, as my stomach triples in size.

To my surprise, my admiration for you grows.

I tell you everyday, I love you more than you will ever know.


From your tiny fingers

and oh, so tiny toes!

The steady drumming of your tiny heart beating.

Dreaming of what one day you would become.


With each day growing near to your expected arrival,

preparations were in place; however, nothing could prepare me

for your early, frightening arrival.


But oh, how glorious that moment was.

I treasure it deeply,

reminiscing the things soon to come.

Finally I was able to lay my eyes upon your precious face,

a beauty, no item could ever replace.


Holding you close to my chest,

a sigh of relief crossed my lips.

A child I was not meant to have

was now the very breath I breathed.


Ten tiny fingers,

ten tiny toes,

two blue eyes,

and one button nose.

A clean bill of heath!

Finally, finally, I had you to hold!


Silent tears traced down my face,

as I marveled in our embrace.

So tiny,

so fragile,

and pure in this world.


A fraction in time that could never be replaced,

a moment I will treasure to the end of all days

A miracle by God's good grace,

a blessing that I would always embrace.


I now hold an angel in my arms,

who sleeps soundly in the waking storm,

as God smiles down upon such a precious sight,

illuminated by the moons light.


A mothers love has no bounds as she gazes upon her child,

knowing they only stay little for a short while.

Bracing each milestone as her child grows.


I thank each day that I am granted,

for I created you,

carried you,

birthed you,

and now live solely for you.


A miracle at best, by God's ulitment test.







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