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The artist was powerless under Stalin well I am glad that wasn't me being sent to the forced labor camps But though there isn't a dictatorship in america. Life fights with me, trying to dry up
It is not a sin  Being an idealist Being a realist or even Being a dreamer.  
Happiness to me is like a warm chest filled with honey, nutmeg, and love. It dances barefoot through fields of grass without a care in the world, and a smile so bright.
So What Is The Trick To NOT Being A... Misfit... ?!? By This I Mean To Be A Seam... That BINDS A Team Like Coffee Does CREAM... !!! But DON'T Think That ... “ You're SLICK " ...
I do not desire to be like anybody There is no flawless individual Who do you want me to emulate? I hope it is not a dissembler such as you Show me somebody without fault I was born with imperfections
BOOM BOOM BOOM My inside drum has its own sound It can be ear splitting or barely heard Or every noise in between But it’s special and unique and only mine
Like a flower bright and tall Surrounded by weeds But shines and never hides Making it through Being pulled down to doom  
I thought I saw a sparkle A sparkle in your hair And for, just for one second I thought just you were there But then I saw your mirror Your two, your three, your four And so you fade to nothing
In the words on Jean Piaget, "The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating men & women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done." And for that, our modern-day school system
I have seen into the eyes of a stranger I have walked the footsteps of a refugee I have heard the soldiers commands on the battlefield I have felt the sorrow for someone I have never met
It's a dandelion in a patch of daisies Oddly sharing its roots The daisies left unbothered But the dandelion disgruntled The daisies are accepting And the dandelion screams
Who gets to decide? Is it you or is it I? Who gets to decide what is right?   Who can say what is?
Dear Life,   If there's one thing you've taught me It's that insecurity is tangible. That everywhere you turn You wonder if you'll ever be enough.    You look at those around you
Dear myself four years prior, a time oh so dire. Acceptance and status were key.     If I could turn back the clock-
Condemned by the nature of society, The status quo that instigates conformity. To rebel is to take the forbidden fruit, To enter the garden and be dragged through the Inferno,
Dear Dubiety,    I wish to promulgate that poetry is not dead. But the style... each breath is taken to be lost in an enchantment of idealist fallacies.
Why must I be like him or be like her Or think like you or love like them Why can't I be myself no one else Why can't I be myself   I wanna just be me I wanna just be me
i wish i believed in life after death in a hereafter in heaven in nirvana waiting on improbable swathes of clouds painless problemless lifeless nothingness
Because I love you, I will continue to follow my dreams I will expect the respect that I deserve. I will make my own decisions and I will be independent.
“students I want you  to write a poem tonight. And let that poem come out of you and be you.”  
Am I Brave, as they say? Or do I continue for my fear Of failing? Equality, Individuality Unity, Diversity The archaic American Ideals
  Perfection should not             be searched for; uniqueness should        die with its finding.   The above haiku I wrote years ago; It is one that I have liv'd by.
Why do they kill the flowers     whose dreams float above delicate, skin petals          Turning the scorching sun                 into a sweet nectar blossom? To satisfy the darkened green blades?  
Twinkle, twinkle little Star How we wonder what you are... All of Rainbow's colors, stolen, by the Chameleon. Camoflauged shades and undertones
The market, they all want brilliant hues and will pay price high for your soul. 
For my daughter: I wish only the greatest of aspirations so that when somebody says “No!” She will say “Yes!”
Tiana, Why do you fail to see yourself when your reflection is right in front of you? Why is it that you don't realize your self worth? You need to STOP letting the opinions of others change your view,
The curtains rise on the acts of my life, And already there's confusion among the crowd. Nobody's bullied me. Nobody's pushed me, Nobody's jeered, Nobody's called me names,
Yeah… the story begins inside of a black hole. The exit is clear but you can’t seem let go. You feel rooted down to the bottom of the pit, There’s nothing here, so why haven’t you let go?
I signed my soul away with a 21st century John Hancock, To get rid of stubborn, ages old writer’s block. And now these trembling hands they do mock, At my crooked fingers and smudged fingerprints they gawk.  
I am more than a small waistline and an hourglass figure I am powerful and wise I am they that gave birth to a thousand generations
Ants by the thousands Swarm this place I call home.    Consume your momentum And through the clouds  I scatter your wake.    Teach me the way of the  Oak that is yet to sway 
two o’clock in the morning. your tired voice is reaching for mine through the telephone wire. and this is all i know you needing me and me being given, but something about my name
I've been told, Several times actually, to stop fidgeting, moving, talking, singing, "Sit still now!" adults would scream, school was a battle, between myself,
Brought into a world unannounced with my head held high, Dreams in the distance yet so hard to reach, The runt of the pack, soft spoken, broken, feeble and weak,
Poetry is an expression and release An outlet to the overflowing plugs of life- a place that listens when the world denies your existence. I write to be heard. To be understood and for my opinions to be considered
Oddly enough, I'm weird. At least that's what they jeered to my beard as they peered, while my honesty reared with confidence clear, and hints of fear.    At least that's what they said from their box
Scratch our story into skin flip my pages thin you’ll never forget me.   Justify my every move to conform to nothing in my naked mind.   You assure me I’m alive
My eyes are wildflowers Dirt roads. Weeds and Willow trees   Main stream is cement. Dead. My dreams must live and breathe   I won’t be anything but myself. Otherness.
  At first she was No. Now, No was beautiful And no I’m not talking about that porcelain skin, straight hair thigh gap beautiful. no!
My grandmother just told me That is wasn't her fault she was lonely. She thinks she was in the right To make me not fight
Show me the part In your scripture Where it reads "The female shan't carry hair in her pits."   Show me the picture Of hairless legs And straightened locks And bared nether regions
I fall on my knees picking up my papers, not wanting to lose another in case it’s important. I am shoved back down this time hitting my head against the fountain. Pitying myself and wondering what offense I made
Is it okay to be  yourself in a world where each person is a  reflection of someone else?    Individuality is not  an original equation from a single person,  but an 
A balance of night and day An equinox Or so they say A perfect harmony of light and dark Can one create equilibrium, Or balance the forces Acting on someone's heart? We don't value individuality
Are you searching for meaning friend? Are you coming to your bleeding end? Do your wrists speak your bleeding mind, telling you your purpose is hard to find?
The earth sprouts new life like love grows attachment and clings on  tight. Like a new-born bird taking flight for the first time, leaving the nest, taking chances.
  I am not another member of the corporate race I am not another human taking up space I am not a mindless drone lead by the herd I lead from the pack, following is absurd.  
I am who I want to be. I am a believer (not a bieber fan) I am a survivor. I am a beautiful female. I am a sensible teenager. I am runner.  
I don't have an aestheticI don't want an aestheticwhen I hear aesthetic,  I think anesthesia and I don't want to go to sleep
Girl(n): a young or relatively young woman I am young, comparatively My eyes are not yet wrinkled at the edges My bones are not yet weary
What you see on the outside of me is a young freckled girl as confident as can be. She can stand and talk in front of people with ease, and take charge of situations in a breeze.
Spiritually, Abstract Gradient Thinker. I am pretentious.
Who am I, you ask? I am me. I can't narrow it down--that's all I can be. I refuse to be labeled by what people see. All I want is just to be free to be me.  
I am not a prisoner. Though I am bound by the shackles of life, I remain strong.  
I am a buttercup.
I'm surround by close minded individuals + heartless souls.  No one really vibes with me. No one really fucks with me.  No one can understand the gold + wisdom that comes from my tongue.  Day in and day out. 
Rusty cat whiskers And I'm lost in the idea of someone else's mind Let me try your head on for size.   Crumbling ceilings And I want to see through your eyes Let me try your head on for size.  
One tear Because that's all I can spare You slowly walk away It is finished This last sunset This last laugh This last moment Gone, forever The rain then came
I Am Paint splashed onto weary walls That have stood over centuries of the normal person. Spots of color to prove I am different Than the rest  Splotches that don't blend in With the rest
A baby, not even a moment oldIts story is unwritten, clean, untoldGrows into a child, encouraged to fulfill his dreamsJust be sure to fit within society’s scheme
  Life forgot my passion there And handed me the key; For what possesses better snare Of curiosity?   The key, ornate with golden leaves And “Carpe Diem” divine,
My mind is the only thing that is entirely mine.  And although it has been touched by this world a few too many times,  It remains in a place that is far away  From all that the world has decayed.   
Take my hand I'll follow you.
I am but a one man band who has yet to learn more but so many words like the sand
I am flawless. I am not flawless because of the amount of money I own Nor am I flawless due to the color of my skin. The length of my hair does not make me flawless and neither do the clothes I wear.
When asked, "What is your name?" My response is also a question Why am I unsure--of the one title I've possessed since birth, How do I claim to know myself. If I still don't know what I'm called?
We enter this world small and fragile Taught to glide under another's shadow
Woman Glowing, lively Anxious, robust, purposed Determined and always smiling
A Penguin can’t fly. The poor flightless bird, confined to the land and sea, with wings weighing it down: gravity. Me. The girl who dreams to be a penguin, yet fly,
I'm me.  And I'm not sorry.   I'm not sorry that sometimes, I'm too honest. But who wants to be lied to? Not I.   Not I, who every time I see a cute guy I must say hi
         I’m complicated, Yet easy to read. I may be a follower, But I can easily lead.           I am everything you wished for, And nothing you can picture. I’m the lethal disease,
Individuality is key to me  
I am a suit and tie man with tattoos peeking out from under my sleeves, black ink that flows from my pen on to every assignment I turn in demonstrates intellectuality, the ink that punctures my skin tells a story,
A world where the very beings that dewll in it, only exist in a realm of inauthenticity. A filter. Everywhere I glance, I find a pit of indecency. The urge to acquire the highest level of popularity. 
Without a veil I'm nothing special Well, not really at least I have blood running through my veins And snot in my nose My eyes are blue And my teeth white I have ten toes
I am flawless But for my flaws Perfect But for my imperfections Sacred Called by his name Alive Because of his resurrection.   I am small But souls heed no size
I am flawless But for my flaws Perfect But for my imperfections Sacred Called by his name Alive Because of his resurrection.   I am small But souls heed no size
It's kind of weird being adopted. You become a part of someone's family. These people could just as easily been strangers passing by. And you are stuck in a world surrounded by people that look nothing like you
Flaws and all I will continue to stand tall, because after all... I am beautifully flawed.  When I look into the mirror , I see smooth brown skin , sharp eyes, a button nose 
The filter on right now is called "heading 3." I have the basic font on. To not live in the status quo means to have no filter. My name is Parker and I strive to live with no filter.  
Lost...... i was lost lost alone in the world, no where to go i looked everywhere and searched for everything i quit i gave up I got so sick of trying trying to be good enough
No matter who you are, no matter where you’re from, you were born to live. You were born to feel and taste and touch, to use every single one of your senses. You were born to make friends, and to lose them.
If the whole world were to look up at the same cloud, what would they see? If I peered through stained glass, do I still see the same cloud? Do you see me as I see me? Meek.
I am a beautiful vase. Society glances and admires My elegance, my collectiveness, My flawlessness.    But this one, simple glance Does not allow them to see
I put on my make-up and pick out my shoes; the perfect pair to match my shirt. Because that was what I was taught to do In a World where looks are what seem to work. They say my hair is much too short
So who is the man in the mirror? The real one- you know? The one behind the filter hidden away, disquised because no matter how hard he tries... There is something different--
I am not like the others. I am not just another soul.  I have a heart just like the rest, but it's beat is all its own.  Social media and concern for self-image has created an insane craze,
Being abstract is not bad. You don't want to like everyone else. Being creativity and rare is beautiful. This world embracres everyones beauty but, tends to forget their own.
I am him, I am me, no one can take my place. The one who tries to fill my shoes could never win my race. Take a look, can't you see that what you say can't hurt?
No matter what they say it cannot change the person that you are, why do you do that, why do you let them tell you who's the star? You're one in a million; bought with a price beyond what you can see,
Your flaws make you perfect. It forms the individualty thats blooms inside of you.
I’m writing poetry on a whim I have no experience But I can tell you of my experiences I have a friend We all have friends Don’t we? Don’t we? One Saturday she up and goes and texts me
What is The Duality of Man?  I ask myself this behind a wall with my-head-in-my-hands.
My reflection is  a mirage purely an image  Based on deception hidden with lies buried in secret It whispers happiness  to me But all I can see in
Why live solely by the bible, When it fills you full of hate. You'll only destroy, No ability to create. Endless sleepless nights, Questioning beliefs, But you have to keep your head down,
    I won’t apologize for my complex emotions that can be your ecstasy or your next nightmare. I won’t apologize for being the one who won’t bow down to your word and whim.
I walk like you in a way I place one foot in front of the other But still is where i refuse to stay Giving you less time to look me over
My golden eyes hide behing the pounds of mascara that shade my natural beauty.   Constrained by the norms of society I fake it until I can one day make it, Hoping for a chance to be myself,
I was always the last person in line, the last seat at the back of the classroom, and the last person to speak.
We all have our preferences You and I, he and she From our individual tastes In food, friends, music, coffee   Friends may say or speak In ways that influence us Though, the result be bleak
Away from my body, Exiting the mental noise. I observe the feathered edge of light Surrounding these form-bearing objects. What is the meaning of meaning? The stem-held nerve endings sway
We are snow globes; people admire the scatter but we all fall the same.  
Mind alteration? Mine’s naturally alternative. What do you say to the dreamy kite-flyers When all your life you’ve been high?
"Being Human"   Being Human Means You Strive for Acceptance,
Verse 1: We taint the air with idle words Cause sticks and stones hurt the most What’s a jab to the bird? What’s a duel to a roast? Shoot….    
She looks at her hands Delicate hands which haven’t done much Shy hands which could change the world with just one touch­­ Any act they make Could be a mistake Quick, hide them. Back in your jean pockets.
    We've created an army of identical twins, 318,457,385 of them today, more tomorrow. All mirror images staring blankly back at each other, unable to see the similarities, 
What does our future really have in store for us? Is life still going to be this endless circle of trials Or
For years my thoughts were silent Trapped in the matrix of my mind The only resolve, a pen on paper Hoping to leave my past behind. Having no idea how to share myself With the people surrounding me
I've realixed that when it comes to life, everything and everyone in it has an imperfection. A slight misunderstanding that the universe as a whole compels to call a fatal flaw that keeps life at its best, from perfection.
Everyone has dreams to make it for their familes get of the hood to live good well some people was born into this world with a sliver spoon in their mouth
You can never fail.
Dear Anonymous Person, Read  this right now, Your worth isn't determined by your grades, your weight, your beauty is infinite, immeasurable like the famous lemniscate. So forget all the hate.
Sometimes I wake up and I wonder is it alright to be this “me”?  
If you try to mold me
Sitting on this moldy sofa At this boring party Everyone around me Acting like they’re the hottest thing I’m watching them all Pondering All the life advice I’ve heard About individuality
I wont stop trying to walk on water, Even if i cannot swim. Not because of fear i won't Lose all my dreams and hopes
During my 5th and 4th grade years, Well, I don’t want to say that I was hot stuff… But I’ll say it anyway: One. Popular. 10 year old. Hollister jacket hair straightener iPod Nano
We live our short lives with the perception we possess laser like concentration!Yet unbeknownst to many of us, we are part of a game rigged to generate tension!
Life is a fight, But many of us hide behind conformity.
Who am I? And what do I stand for? A million different things I can’t bear to name My life is such a silly fucking game My peers thirst for fame I’m not the same I see
Change, change, change. What would I change about my appearance?What would I change about my life?What would I change about my world?
The echo will be heard, Only from ear to ear
All of a sudden you’re hit You think of an idea with wit Stare at the screen Don’t make a scene But silently say “Yes, that’s it!”   You write and act and edit You upload and then wait a bit
Ten feet deep in eternal sleep Fell from a cliff with the rest of the snow white sheep I look up in envy of the black one who doesn't weep Lying in this red valley My body, blood, and soul Is it's
I stopped beinghuman; Maybe it was the callous palms oftheir hands guiding me into homogenous citadels,expecting me to follow;butI did not follow suite. I wanted more than callouses.
Without my i
What is the mind of man,
People running and people walking People passing and people looking People laughing and people cying But they are all the same. All the same individuals. Held together, tied together
Cold cinderblocks covered in thick, distorted white paint that tries to hide the sharp, rough edge of the bare blocks.
Cold cinder blocks covered in thick, distorted white paint that tries to hide the sharp, rough edge of the bare blocks.
I have two hands and a brush And a silver palette filled With many colors lush That I swirl and I swill.   My brush I drag across and down. Black drips into white
That's the difference between you and I. You spend your time talking about love and romance, that's all you dream of. I dream of exceeding expectations. Of blowing people like you away with what I can do.
Begin the dance. Lock the door. Put on the mask.   Shape the curls. Brush on the paint. Plaster the smile.   Look in the mirror. Look away. Begin the dance.  
It was a place in the 1940's where all the foxes still hung up on swing would go to lick the floors and taste the walls. Vigil and roaring, it held the blistered soles of vagabonds,
I'm envious towards the movies,  That's my only crime. Most take Marley, Coconut with the lime.   I'm Selective to necessity, Absorbent of the time. Transpose and Metamorphose,
Can you hear me? I'm Singing I'm Shouting I'm Whispering   Can you see me? I'm Standing I'm Spinning I'm Hiding   Can you feel me? I'm Far
You live each day just like the last Which is why your life goes by so fast You're taught and drilled on how things should be Soon these codes are all you see You strive to do what they've perfected
The feeling within  Ignored by all I AM SCREAMING But nobody listens I am dying But nobody helps me... Inside I know I have potential I know the underlying truth i am more
A masterpiece was promised, A carving out of words, To stand, eloquent, elegant Child of talent, effort, ripped-up sheets, The first of many, Essay-sculpture, And I, Author-carver.
Free Free country, they say. But really? To conform To think the same To act the same Based on a "correct system"... But really? Where's the freedom To be an individual?
Perfect straight unbending rows All lined up one by one Cookie cutter spoon fed facts Untill our time is done
The light is cold. The day is dark. The only thought I have, a spark. The only breath I breathe, my mark. In this ever-changing world.   The mirror is the truth, my face.
Dear Elementary School teachers, It has been years since we have spoken Since you let me slip away into the system Forgot me, and my talents Ignored what I couldn’t do. Well I am no longer that kid,
The classroom is my dungeon Cold, stark, and bleak. The desk is my cage Restraining my mind’s reach.   I’m drawn away from creativity Herded by the group Who are too slow to move on
Dreading Spanish every day Something I wish I could say to my teacher You flirt with all the boys and ruffle their hair When I leave crying, I'm the "trouble maker" I'm the "Liar"
My dialect is catastrophic. Viciously it consumes the minds of those who surround me.  To catch only a whisper would reveal the sadistic sense of my nature.  At least to some. Those who merge opinions with facts. Bellowing assessments of "this gen
Oh honey, lock the door on the way out, and shut those windows, keep the daylight out! We don't want scary strangers looking in. Oh and stay indoors, rapists will snatch you in
"Thats not even muisc" they say "All they do is scream" It seems to me like you're forgetting something Catchy beats and rhyming words is not what music is about
We are not men and women though we like to believe we are. We are children stuffed into the bodies of  "further evolved humans" Full of preconcieved ideas but robbed of curisity. Pigeons told to fly
Who is to say what a win or a loss is? I believe the magnitude of the win should be measured like beauty Only in the eye of the beholder, should it be judged.
  If each strand of my hair is a bristle My head is a paint brush,   My forehead is the top of the canvas Smoothly and vastly drawn,   My eyebrows are the wings of birds 
It's wrong of me To want to be equal. It's wrong of me To not feel like a woman. Or a man. It's wrong of me To not be sexually attracted to anyone. It's wrong of me
Make a mark in your name no two fingerprints are the same You dream your dream I'll dream mine too Don't let me falter what you want to do Soak in life Create your own voice
  Not even the Crayola Company can keep me in that box Rose Art never stood a chance Sandusky couldn’t capture my essence Prang dulled faster than my curiosity of Dixon Ticonderoga I am a work of art 
Can I put my trust in you?My future?My dreams? Can I share with you my biggest fears?My worries?My tears? No.  I cannot.You do not teach me trust.You do not teach my compassion.
Individuality is a rarity We live in a world of carbon copies Of mass productions A world where uniqueness is taken for granted And similiraty is highly evident
I saw a million people Standing on a hill, Under the grey and square sky. When I went to ask them, What they were doing, They remained silent.  
When I look around I see conformity. We try to be the same to maintain a sense of normalcy but it just constricts our voices. The world is closing in around us,
if you never stop questioning what you're toldwhat you're shownwhat you're guaranteedwhat you're spoon-fed by the hand ofstingyswinishshrewd and slybusinessmenwell that's half the battle.
Lost inside a world that really doesn't exist. Nothing more than fake history that we all seem to understand. Though we don't understand it and we don't want to accept it. But we do.
Why write poetry? Why bother at all? Now, it might seem like it's going to rhyme like I just stepped out of a story book, but it's not going to tinkle; it's not going to be pretty
I wrote to create. Reaching deep into the recesses of my mind, I pulled what whimsical ideas sprouted there and pushed the ball
Individuality has become a competition Behavior is tailored to receive recognition If everybody’s eyes were closed How different would you be clothed? If your classmates didn’t surround your seat
The reason is simple. It’s not black and white. My pen is drawn to paper with ease For once, my mind is free. Words flow to and fro. I write for emotion. My feelings run with every thought.
Sorry if I don’t smoke  Sorry if I don't take my life  and my studies  As a silly little joke    Sorry if I don't wear clothes  That looks like my skin  Sorry if I think hoeing around
  Do you know how it feels? to not be comfortable in your own skin? waking up everyday and wishing  you looked like someone else finding beauty in everything in everyone but yourself
Words that are for the wisdom we choose to seek  Predators circle its prey until its last breath  Dictators watch as it its it solemn flesh Stuck in one’s mind of the already decided
When I was a little girl,My dad asked me,What birthday present he should get me,I asked for an artists set,and that's about it,After I got it,I let my imaginative child mind,Grasp on to everything,While I left reality behind, when I started  schoo
The lone wolf was cut out from the pack With nothing but a hurtful smack. What did she do? She wasnt like you. She hunts at night, With the moon as her light. She is alone, But not forlorn.
I am me, truer words never fully expressed Within such a world where not one shall wholly address The reality of individuality is merely a creation… A creation by those who once professed,
Some may say we are nothing more than players in an overcrowded game. We're spread in different layers but we're nowhere near the same. We, ourselves hold our destiny they can't control our actions.
Ever since I was young, I knew. Knew that my world needed expanding, to open on itself, I write to create, new worlds and new lives, I write to destroy, hatred and fear,
Poetry, the wonderful freedom, The anonymous friend that calms your flares. Poetry tends to ease my mind, Poetry is my vent for life. My anger now will be released, My stress will unwind on paper.
Why do we write? To tell others of the sorrows we go through as people? To share with the world how high and mighty we show ourseleves to others but deep down we sore lower then the ground itself? 
  My words flow on paper,the stress loses its leash. Allowing me to be vulnerablewithout the lost of dignity. The pen and the paperbecomes the doctor.
            Closed eyes, heavy sighs.                                                       We are broken.       Desperate pleas, destroyed dreams      We are long gone.
Chain me up and my actions follow the pattern Thinking freely becomes a problematic matter Breaking free from labels becomes unease Your self doubt is for the world to feed Our thoughts is for us to own and probe
A cart rolls into the frigid clean room, the sheet is removed, revealing terrifying tools with innocent names. I sit back into the chair as it crackles in disappointment.   Ink stains my face, my chest, my stomach,
I see my beauty in the reflection of the waterMove my hand through the murky liquid my appearance is altered I can be anyone I want to beIt’s so easy to change myself, my identity  Most go to the salon, and pick a style from a bookWhereas I change
  I had a dream one night That left my mind in a bit of fright.   It began in an inescapable prison Where darkness drenched itself into my soul
It's plain here. Nothing but gray You shine so bright, like you're on display. Sparkle and gleam among the dull. You stand out. You must be bold.
I write poems because it expresses me! So I don't sit there and think of rhyming words Because the words that comes from the inner in are the words that are Me! Yea, you might think that isn't poem.
My actions… Draw me judgment from those I love and those I don’t Can’t always match the true feeling of my heart Are limited by my physical body
I envy those who can create fine art. With brilliant strokes the make masterpieces. Colors flow and blend for a grand effect. They do not realize how lucky they are To have the skill to bring forth such beauty.
I want to be a barbie I want to be a fresh out the box Accessories not included Anatomically in correct Manufactured in the flesh Rubber in the chest Barbie Mark me made by Mattel
When I was young, I looked up to you, I saw light in you, I considered you the sun. Morning through the night, I looked up to you, I saw light in you, I considered you the moon.
(poems go here) Raindrops fall From the crystal clear sky Passing layers of life Just passing them by Going on a journey Through the emptiness of air Headfirst to the ground Waiting to get there
I needed it. Release. You know, let go. Be gone. Release. Where was this magnanimous means that would submerge my problems Flush out my feelings Bequeath my body with boldness
Why do I write? Why do I write... Why do I write... poetry? The answer is hard to put into words even for someone as "literally gifted" as me.
Solemnly sitting with strings attached Head bowed low With no spark upstairs to glow Nothing to generate and flow below Because I'm a puppet you see and your commands are all I'll know.
I baked an apple pie today, Just for him. It patiently waits on the counter' And maybe he'll see it on Sunday,
Fear not the bird who sings in silence, Or the poet who breaks rhythm and rhyme, For they, the brave, do what many dare not. The bird that sings breaks the silence of conform, Her song rings out in defiance,
We put people in boxes And we say You must be THIS way. We put people in boxes Crammed in. Like contortionists. But without flexibility.
My song sings millions Though words are mute Mute the chaos, the slander, the world— The world needs to hear my song.
I knew a girl once who got called boy more times than she could count each time it brought tears to her eyes liked she’d never amount to their glorified expectations horrified by her image in the mirror
I fly, sometimes, I really do In space of endless, sticky goo And even though this flight is free I find it hard to be just "me" Its words and trends trade in my own For styles and tones of the well-known
No brain activity No thought process Neither input nor insight Neither perseverance nor passion Purposeless existence
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood And like all, wished I could travel the one Although it is easier said than done To take the path few have withstood
Individuality Sits at the table of wonders With his friends And eats the androids, The robots, and the clones. He doesn’t use his napkin When he spills the oil. He likes the way his shirt
I’m an angel within but I fear my wings Those graceful, feathered, astonishing things I hide them away so that I can deny This beautiful girl, whom I transformed into a lie Searching in mirrors trying to figure it out
i’m not sure if i like tea or coffee fruits or vegetables cats or dogs math or reading running or sitting tears or laughter gloves or mittens
PHASE I I have big dreams with standards set high The same-old same-old, with me, won’t fly I live in a country whose president looks just like me Don’t know who he’s working for yet, but we’ll see
I could walk a mile in someone else's shoes, But that wouldn't help me on my path. The street The road That we all choose But still I stay strong in spite of that   It starts.  
You said you’d let me be anything I wanted to be… But I never could believe you When you couldn’t let me be me. “Don’t let them play soccer or football until they’re in college!”
I am the Student, Who passes every class. I am the Girl, Whose love never lasts. I am the Hobo, Who begs for food. I am the Blind Man, Who hears few. I am a Killer,
Once upon a midnight dream I conjured up a magic scheme. Some wings to help me leave this place Where my troubles I could erase. These wings would take me far away Where I would make my long stay.
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