The Fallen

What is the mind of man,

But an instrument of the Universe, newly cognizant,

Attempting to understand its own plan.


The Universe before me,

Is a vast expanse of black sea.


I’ve fallen into its depths of obscurity,

From a fantasy of sheer purity.


I’ve fallen into the abyss,

To a place devoid of immortal bliss.


‘A is equal to A’ is the most fundamental law of the Universe.

At some times this law is a blessing and others a curse.


You cannot get something

When all you give is nothing.


But what point would there be

If acquiring your desires only required your decree.


A decree by one man or by an entire congregation

Will not bring something into Creation.


Except by setting out on a quest

To transform our surroundings into the very best.


The nature of society is slow and steady evolution

To a bigger and greater condition.


Man has not escaped this law.

Ignoring it is merely cutting the rope,

Dropping into the devouring maw,

And abandoning all hope.


What of reality and the argument that it is only illusion?

To say this is pure delusion.


We have five senses because they tell us what we must know,

To live in a world that will change and grow.


We have a brain because we must interpret everything,

Before we begin the task of doing anything.


We have hands as a fundamental tool to apply our conclusions,

So we may go about reshaping the world to fit our convictions.


If you say reality is merely insane,

You cut this process at the beginning.

Living by ignorance is like driving in the wrong lane.

It will leave you crashing and burning.


On dark, starry nights I look up at the sky,

And I see that what you don't know,

Is whence you shall surely die.

Even if it is quiet and slow.


The fantasy itself never existed.

The illusion is merely a false security,

For those who wish never to be tested.

Everything here is actually in full clarity,

And they are the ones in the truest, darkest obscurity.


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