United States

Without a veil

I'm nothing special

Well, not really at least

I have blood running through my veins

And snot in my nose

My eyes are blue

And my teeth white

I have ten toes

And ten fingers, too

But these don't define me

What defines me is on the inside

Or, is it the outside?

I am not what you see

Even though I am, technically

I'm me

And to me I may be someone

And to you, someone else

I'm me

But who that is

Isn't just up to me

I'm me

But I'm surrounded by others

Who are them

But only to those

Who know who that is

I'm me

Without a veil

But maybe it takes a veil

To make you know

Who 'me' is

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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