The Dead has Risen


United States
41° 30' 33.3864" N, 87° 44' 48.5052" W

No brain activity
No thought process
Neither input nor insight
Neither perseverance nor passion
Purposeless existence

Society speaks and you repeat the words
Society walks and you begin to move
Society is the puppeteer and you are the puppet
When will you take advantage of the life in you?
When will you begin to write your story in the sands of time?

You have mobility of your limbs but you do not work for the benefit of others
You have a heart but no morals or values
You have a soul but no spirit man
You have a face but no genuine expression of emotion
You have a mouth but no voice

Your heartbeat is just like a beating drum
You’re alive…
Yes you are alive so prove it!
Show the world who you are
Show your Creator you will not waste what was given
Seize your life

Break, crash and boom out of your invisible box
Start living today
Embrace your individuality
Freedom is yours for the taking
Now is your chance to live

I can see the sparkle in your eyes
Your pulse is accelerating
The strings are snapping and breaking
Your connections naturally and spiritually are strengthen
Your destiny is formed and purpose is revealed
The dead has risen!



I love this poem very much. Great insight on the activities that we have that simply mimic that of society. I would love to give you more feedback, so please reply back.


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