Closed eyes, heavy sighs.

                                                      We are broken.

      Desperate pleas, destroyed dreams

     We are long gone.

Living a life that disgraces what you believe in, fighting a silent battle against yourself.

        We are the damned.

Slowly sinking in the pit of conformity, falling further from what you once knew

We are regret.

Growing tired of damping the warm light that illuminates the inner bowels of your soul

We are new.

Opening your eyes, taking a breath.

We are here.

Beginning to feel alive, deciding that peace and hope are the only battles worth fighting.

          We are the favored.

       Lifting yourself above the limited expectations others have set for you, becoming the person you’ve dreamed of.

                                                       We are hope.

Allowing your light to shine further than you’d ever thought possible.

You are new.




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