A balance of night and day

An equinox

Or so they say

A perfect harmony of light and dark

Can one create equilibrium,

Or balance the forces

Acting on someone's heart?

We don't value individuality

We wish everyone was the same

No fortune, no fame

No poverty, no pain

A society where everyone "gets their share"

But is "equal" really fair?

Never giving people a chance to discover their talents

Forcing everyone to live in balance

Where their is no one to help the poor

Because the unique gift of kindness is no more

Equality is important,

A great deal so

But personality is worth far more than you know

We shouldn't try to balance beauty, creativity, or art

The thing never balanced is our hearts

And that is the home where everything resides

Our voice, our fears, our loves, our minds

If all this comes from an unbalanced place,

Then trying to make everyone the same is a disgrace

Yes, we should all be equal,

All worth the same

But that's far different

Than some child's game

Where we take our "cookie cutter" version of reality

And completely erase individuality

This poem is about: 
Our world


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