This is me


A world where the very beings that dewll in it, only exist in a realm of inauthenticity. A filter.

Everywhere I glance, I find a pit of indecency. The urge to acquire the highest level of popularity. 

In this quest to become popular, what people fail to realize is that they lack a certain level of sincerity.

Of course, no one is open to offering that kind of clarity to the place we all call society.

It's all a real pitty.

It's a pitty that the description that I spoke about previously, once describe me.

Hiding behind a filtered camera, a filtered mind, praying that I gained the approval of anyone who laid eyes on me.

 I could've cared less about the intellectual substance that lied within myself, I simply wanted to project the image of realness and I wanted everyone to believe that it was real.

Can you sense the irony?

Those senseless days are now fleeting memories, for I have chosen to live as the person I am meant to be.

Call me insane but I thrive from the rawness that leaks from honesty.

What is a life worth living if you continue to percieve dreams within a fabricated reality?

Wandering through life with a clouded sense of credibitlty. A filter.

Over time, it has dawned on me that I no longer want to live entirely for others. I want to live and act upon my yearnings based on my motivations, anticipations so that the world could undoubtly see me for me.

I'll never say finding myself in the midst of this jouney was a breeze but now that I can clearly state who I am and what I stand for, I can think of no other way I'd rather be.

The concept of posing as something the world would accept  is virtually foreign to me.

I refuse to give up my integrity.... I refuse to pose as the face that invites others to be decieved.

I am more than people see and if anyone cares to know, I am an abundance of poetential masked with imperfectibilities.

Imperfections is all I see. I am it and it is me. 

Not a filter.


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