Dear Elementary School Teachers

Dear Elementary School teachers,

It has been years since we have spoken

Since you let me slip away into the system

Forgot me, and my talents

Ignored what I couldn’t do.

Well I am no longer that kid,

You made me believe I was.

That I would never write,

Never read,

Never amount to anything.

That I was no more then stupid,

A kid who was only good, at some things,

But only ever, sometimes.

I am here to say I am more

I am not a statistic.

I am not a kid you can forget.

What I have done has been of no help from you

You never taught me anything,

You never taught me to read or write

Just that I never could.

Nothing to make me believe,

You never did what teachers were supposed to do.

You never taught me I could change the world.

But I did it anyway.

Without your help,

Without you teaching me, what I needed to know

My future is now my own,

No thanks to you

You have done nothing for me

So now I am going to do nothing, for you

Except write this poem

To show as proof

That I have done more

Then you thought I ever could.


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