All In Rows

Perfect straight unbending rows

All lined up one by one

Cookie cutter spoon fed facts

Untill our time is done


Define who you think we are

Not all that we coud be

Regurgitate, Memorize

There's more than that to see


For me the class is easy

The calculus will click

But look across the aisle

and nothing seems to stick


It's not her fault, not really

This isn't how she learns

Sitting here and taking notes

For answers she will yearn


Shyly she will raise her hand

Ask for explanation

A short retort "just listen"

Is her condemnation


Shrinking back into her chair

Confidence struck down flat

She won't raise her hand again

Learned her lesson about that


Her questions are not welcome

As bright as she may be

Even if she doesn't get it

Will sit there quiety


If you took the time to ask

And listen to her tale

You'd find she knows a lot more

Than measured by your scale


If I could change one lone thing 

I know what I would need 

I'd want us all considered 

And help us all succeed


People are not all the same

All different you and me

The fish will always fall short

When asked to climb a tree




This is simply and utterly amazing.


I like the use of aphorism at the end. Great angle on a common viewpoint

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