I Am

I am the Student,
Who passes every class.
I am the Girl,
Whose love never lasts.
I am the Hobo,
Who begs for food.
I am the Blind Man,
Who hears few.
I am a Killer,
Who seeks understanding.
I am a Healer,
Whose love is everlasting.
I am an Angel,
Who seeks meaning.
I am a Demon,
Who seeks redeeming.
I am the Friend,
Who tries to be there.
I am the Wounded,
Who begs you to care.
I am Love,
Who is limited to few.
I am Hate,
Who is directed at you.
I am Label,
Who categorizes you.
I am Confusion,
Who doesn’t know what to do.
I am Nature,
Who bleeds from the heart.
I am Birth,
Who is only the start.
I am Death,
Who closes your eyes to rest.
I am Me.
I wish to be Free.
I am Broken.
I am Torn.
I Love,
With passion reborn.
I am Curious.
I am Confused.
I am Everything, Anything-
But You.


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