the outcast


When I was a little girl,My dad asked me,What birthday present he should get me,I asked for an artists set,and that's about it,After I got it,I let my imaginative child mind,Grasp on to everything,While I left reality behind, when I started  school, My art teacher made me discover something new,That I was different from everyone else,Not alike then even a few,Not many had the same interests of what I liked to do,I discovered that I'm creative,I saw the world diffrently from the restIt caused me to become an outcast,And stand outside the rest,I stood alone,As the rest ran away,Only those like me chose to stay It caused peers to torment me,But I have grown to learn,That their torment,was just their fear of standing alone,They wanted to be like the rest,Just be societies guest,It's guests are all the same,And in my eyes its lame,Being different is fun,Even if you may be shunned,If you become a unique one, You are yourself,and Not any one else. 


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