Governmental Apocalypse

Wed, 10/15/2014 - 12:26 -- magjags


Why live solely by the bible,

When it fills you full of hate.

You'll only destroy,

No ability to create.

Endless sleepless nights,

Questioning beliefs,

But you have to keep your head down,

To keep off the streets.

Yes ma'am, yes sir,

You can't think for yourself.

Blend into the crowd,

Another book on the shelf.

Mindless zombies,

But its not the apocalypse.

Its always been this way,

Been this way ever since

The start of the government

And phones thinking for us.

Religious fanatics

From Gemini to Taurus.

All types of people,

From all walks of life,

Government officials

Fill our lives full of strife.

But cover it up,

Claiming they're "working towards change"

A happier life?

Empty promises made.

Manipulation and deception

The foundation of our lives.

We put our trust in these people,

Leave our backs open for knives.

They teach us not to question,

Convince us we're safe.

One Nation under God?

In these United States?

Nothing is right

And it all seems so normal.

We're used to this life,

Relaxed and informal.

We live, work, then die

Nothing life changing in between.

The average man has no choice

But to keep his nose clean.

Speak out and you're shunned,

Can't go against the grain.

No fulfillment of life,

With only 10% of our brain.

What are they hiding,

Behind their laws and religion?

They crap on our lives,

Like a Central Park pigeon.

There is so much more to life,

Then just doing what you're told,

So break free from the norm,

Before you're too old.

But still its never too late

To try and make life better.

Just don't follow the crowd,

And be your own trendsetter. 


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