The Problem of Today


The bell rings,

We know what the day brings.

The teachers say get to class,

While we watch hours of our life pass.


As we stare blankly at the wall-

We feel so very small-

They say they we are prepared,

Yet most of us feel scared.


The future is now they say

Yet they barely prepared us for the day.

We are deprived of imagination

Required to work like soldiers at a station


What happened to individuality

Why can’t I be me?

We are put in your plastic molds,

You don’t even know what my future unfolds.


They steal our dreams and change them

Take our goals and rearrange them.

We work on their time, their rules

Treated like minute power tools-


Building up their name

That’s what its about-fame.

What happened to caring?

Teachers are always declaring


How they are helping us be aware,

But all they are doing is showing us that life is unfair.

They take our hopes to the flame

Treat us like animals that are not tame.


That is the problem with our schools,

They are too preoccupied with rules.

They don’t care about you or I,

If they did they wouldn't let imagination die.


Success is their goal

And students, we are just influential to this role.

That’s why it has to be changed

The system has the be rearranged.


We can not poison education,

The two have no relation.

The problem is the way it is presented,

It makes school resented.


If they just accepted individuality,
School would be better for you and me.


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