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33° 34' 13.692" N, 112° 15' 1.1664" W
United States
33° 34' 13.692" N, 112° 15' 1.1664" W

I could walk a mile in someone else's shoes,

But that wouldn't help me on my path.

The street

The road

That we all choose

But still I stay strong in spite of that


It starts.


A small spot.

An impossible thought.

The thought that

some something somebody knows

could change who I am.

But the feeling still grows,

and as I still stand

my uncertainty shows, so much so

that as I step forth

my right foot goes first

I stretch my toes

and I continue walking

and coming behind my left foot knows

but in my mind a small voice talking


Am I lost?


Still stumbling on this daunting course,

Each inch I forge,

A new mettle forms.

Maleable and soft.

Vulnerable and oft

influenced by some god.


Am I lost?


Should I read the signs, the signs that say

No free thought,

just mandatorily pray

To that which is bought

for the better part of a day

To the one true church's holy dominion

and all night long

To unrighteous scripture based on opinion?


I walk blind.


Because no perspective, point of view, or piece of clothing

no billboards of glamor

or tapestries of self-loathing

could impress on me

a way to dress,

A sense of style.


Because success for me, despite what they say

is not to walk another mile

but to walk another day.


My shoes.


Each wear and tear a testament

to the mercy of the road

It's not the path you walk on

but how you break the mold.




This poem is definitely going amongst my favorites. It was beautifully rhythmic and excellently verbose in your choice of words; you did not sacrifice your message for a rhyme. The metaphor is astounding and the last "punch" line certainly made it so much stronger than you would think. Thank you so much for sending this in.



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