Pursuance of something greater!


We live our short lives with the perception we possess laser like concentration!
Yet unbeknownst to many of us, we are part of a game rigged to generate tension!
Persevere on my friend, work many long hours and hope for an outcome, an income or maybe even a pension?
Over time we coagulate by the knowledge we gain, evolving as individuals with the end goal of achieving what this entire time was restrained!
I ask you my fellow cohorts, do you have what it takes to exclude yourself? 
To thwart a destiny that has already been predetermined?
If that be the case then now is the time to rise my bretheren, for a better tomorrrow, not only for yourself but for your loved ones including your fellow man!
Nothing is as insuppressably powerful as a thought backed by determination and a tenacious mind set based on ''Yes I can!''
Have faith in the abilities you as an individual contain, for like a newly planted seed everyday is a opportunity to grow, not just maintain!
If it means anything, I believe in you!
Let the arrow that guides your life always strike true, pursuing a goal that actually matters to you!
And I'll tell you friend no matter how far you fly, you'll gain a new appreciation for life, gaining a truly opened heart and eye!


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