Brought into a world unannounced

Brought into a world unannounced with my head held high,
Dreams in the distance yet so hard to reach,
The runt of the pack, soft spoken, broken, feeble and weak,
I had words of force and influence at the very tip of my tongue , yet I was unable to speak,
All of that ended with the use of a paper and pen.
The words in my head that were unable to slip from my tongue,
Took physical the physical form of ink,
The characters embodied my very thoughts,
While my hand became the Creator.
With each stanza and verse, the emotions flowed like a stream,
Collected in the banks, and became free from the barriers that were my lips,
Unable to break away and set them free.
So with my hand I created the blueprint to help my thoughts escape
Into the beautiful world of poetry
Because each word is just another part of me
As the Creator looking at my creation,
I can't help but appreciate poetry,
For helping me to bring forth my inner thoughts to light
And give them life
A life that can be appreciated by others for being all that I couldn't be:
Bold, Brave,and Outspoken.

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