My Married Parents Have Different Last Names And I Love It


The filter on right now is called "heading 3." I have the basic font on.

To not live in the status quo means to have no filter.

My name is Parker and I strive to live with no filter.


No fiter to me means to express my own individuality without concern of society's opinions.

Society can bond together, creating the status quo's minions.

Flip on a movie station,

Watch how it attempts to transform a nation.

The makeup, the lighting, the irrationally good looking actors.

These are just filters.

On top of filters for aesthetic satisfaction,

Cultural filters are added as well.

Watch how movies suddenly glorify the college party life,

How they glorify money,

How they glorify consumerism,

How he-I mean they-glorify gender roles.

These filters take their toll.


But wait.

It isn't only movies.

It is songs

It is books.

It is soial media.

It is a combination of many more outlets.

They all portray this.

To some, ignorance is bliss.


Why does this matter?

Because not everyone wants the college party life.

Because not everyone has been born with the privilege of being wealthy.

Because not everyone wants to spend their money on the latest fashion or game.

Because not everyone wants to change their last name to their spouse's last name.



To live with pristine individuality,

Is hard to do in reality.


My life truly started my freshman year of high school,

When I bought my $15 brown shoes.

Four years later they now look like used dog chews.

They remind me to keep being me

And to let others see.

See something happened. Whether divine intervention or something else,

My no filter became my filter.

Because I don't update my shoes,

Give into the notion that all teenagers drink booze,

Have a smartphone,

Make my negative opinions, thoughts, and feelings known,

And give into social fallacies that demean a person's peculiarities,

I became different.

To retain individuality and a postive lifestyle

Became worthwhile.

I am under the spotlight,

But I try to use to for good, so why fight it?


With no filters,

We can change the world.

















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