This Is How

I walk like you in a way
I place one foot in front of the other
But still is where i refuse to stay
Giving you less time to look me over

I speak like you in way
My words tumble out unscathed
Yet there's a lot i refuse to say
Your patronizing views leaves no one brave

I write like you in a way
Writing utensil scraping at the parchment
But you criticize my words everyday
Maybe you didn't know what i meant

I breathe like you in a way
Inhale, exhale, so simple to remember
But it seems i was always a breath away
From judgment as cold as December

I see like you in a way
Moving pictures and beautiful sights
You say we're equal, but portrays us as grey
As if you people have every right

I don't think like you in any way
I remain a nonconformist
This is how i express my minds way
I don't need an interpreter or psychologist

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