Individuality is key to me


Individuality is key to me


The definition of beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

But most peoples perception don't pass previous conceptions 

The exterior is superior , regardless the guises 

But why lie to our people with such deception, and sensationalize..?


Much media portrays beauty in unattainable ways

Pressured over exposure for gain, while your self esteem decays 

Business rises for products to fill that grave hole where you may lay  

Dug deep by those preying insecure wallets , your all the same


To them. 


But what about us?


A breakthrough to the truth is a must

we began being thrust into an inconspicuous lust put down by those “above” us

since young

I think about it a ton, wondering how it would all be, if you and me grew up seeing Hispanic and black Barbie's

How it would all be, if mags fads wouldn't’t add a vast cast controlled by our very own fashion oligarchies. 

Unrealistic visions forever imprinted 

Materialistic niches, immensely prohibited

ignoring the one true beautiful thing that ever existed


Your ability to go out, and make a difference


Not all at one time, not a day or a week

but over a lifespan , no time to be meek


Be it with your actions, or the way that you speak

This is the way to stand out from the sheep 


The life that I live is by no means impeccable

But the being that I am sure is impressionable


I stay true to myself, never do I nudge

regardless of the plethora of people who judge


“What Rican dresses in a nerdish one piece?”

“ Right? like ew! call the fashion police”


Please, to care about one opinion is to care about them all

which to me, is an order just to tall


Cosplay is a way that I display my own interests 


to wear my favorite characters in my own depiction

is satisfying and fun, to share with that community 

it brings us together, in a sense of unity 


Cosplay is not the only thing I’m involved in

I like nunchucks, clothes making and theres other things I’m  enthralled with 

like philosophy , its a thrill for me 

to think of all the controversies

to think that we, all have a part in this great big galaxy


but to a degree, it takes effort to see that you are beautiful, but not how you think


it takes bravery and courage , now let that all sink


to be your own person, instead of just sync


up with others , you will discover

that its not that easy, but easy isn’t something you can respect

because you face no chance for rejection

but to do easy is to strive for perfection

and perfection is nothing more but a reflection

of what's expected from societies projections

of what it wants you to do 


Don’t do what they tell you to do

be you

I am me, with no apologies 

adopt your own ideologies


I live by being optimistic 

while also being realistic

my goals are going towards being journalistic

theres no room to be pessimistic

follow your dreams to the very end

transcend, don’t pretend  to be something your not

because you will be depriving the world of something that's not taught

true beauty in its rawest form 

something that is not part of the norm


Flawless, is not uniform 

This poem is about: 
Our world



I made a video for this poem, but I was devastated to see that it could not I just uploaded the poem alone :( Hope you guys enjoy it! First attempt at anything poetic lol.

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