Stained Glass

Sat, 12/20/2014 - 11:41 -- ZZZach0

If the whole world were to look up at the same cloud,

what would they see?

If I peered through stained glass,

do I still see the same cloud?

Do you see me as I see me?


Should my flaws be concealed by an array of stained glass,

do you see me as I see see you?


Or is brazen prowess born out of thin air, 

the child of nothingness.

Naked to the world.


You and I,

we are unique.

Stained glass is beautiful when nothing but a window,

not marred by the imperfections of humanity.


You and I,

we are different.

Like a thousand flowers each with their own hue and shape.

Should a rainbow of flowers be looked at through stained glass, 

The rainbow fades, melds, and hardens.

The rainbow loses heart.

The rainbow is no longer beautiful.


You and I,

we are not that rainbow.

You may be yellow and I may be blue,

but the mirror is not large enough to show us side by side.

The mirror cannot dream of reflecting our family, our friends, and our neighbors.


We see ourselves alone,

and think we need stained glass.

Others see us in the world,

and we vitalize the streets,

naked as can be.



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