I am not like the others.

I am not just another soul. 

I have a heart just like the rest,

but it's beat is all its own. 

Social media and concern for self-image has created an insane craze,

but no matter the filter I choose it is all just a haze.

To cover who I truly am, a young person completely flawed.

But flaws are what give me identity,

They come with the name.

Blemishes, wrinkles, scars

they are what contribute to my fame.

It is time I rip the gauze from my flesh and show the world myself

rather than do the injustice of trying to be something else.

Every crevice, misalignment, imperfection makes me distinct

And I would be a fool to try to hide what makes me unique. 





I like this! It's very cool!

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