I Am Free to Be Me

Who am I, you ask? I am me.

I can't narrow it down--that's all I can be.

I refuse to be labeled by what people see.

All I want is just to be free to be me.


A word to describe me? Sometimes I am glad.

But then there are other times that I'm sad.

To say I'm always one or the other? That's mad!

Simply being me is what is most rad.


According to some people's standards, I'm smart.

And although I'm not the most talented, I like art.

And although those are great, they are only small parts

Of all the things inside that make up my heart.


Some say the word 'eccentric' applies,

But personally I think it falls just shy.

Can one word encompass a concept as vast as the sky?

Not when you see from the lense of my eye.


So different from others, I am alone in my mind.

Even though people irritate me, I strive to be kind.

But talking to me you can't KNOW what you'll find.

I am NOT so easily defined.

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