I Am The One She Speaks For


All of a sudden you’re hit

You think of an idea with wit

Stare at the screen

Don’t make a scene

But silently say “Yes, that’s it!”


You write and act and edit

You upload and then wait a bit

You’re satisfied with the work

A great comment? You smirk

And then take all the credit


Then comes a day you encounter

A young person with whom you confer

They say “I’ve changed;

My life, you’ve rearranged”

Because of your creative demeanor


I want to create videos for the internet

Not to eventually be on the TV set

But only to say

In my own quirky way

 “Someone out there is like you, don’t forget!”


So maybe that one kid in their own personal war

Who truly believes they can’t be who they are

Will come across me

And exclaim with glee

“I am the one she speaks for!”


Because you bared your opinions and soul

And made people laugh and think as a whole

You created a following

Who keep on watching

Because, in a way, you’re there to console


I want to create content to reassure that kid

There’s no need for the emotional hiding they did

Inner freedom is bliss

That is a promise

Because, in actual reality, I was that kid


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