Find Your Voice


For years my thoughts were silent

Trapped in the matrix of my mind

The only resolve, a pen on paper

Hoping to leave my past behind.

Having no idea how to share myself

With the people surrounding me

I started to write down my emotions

And finally set my feelings free.

Through family struggles and loss of friends

I found myself growing a voice

Once I started to speak my mind

I discovered I had a choice.

My point of view was relevant,

And what I had to say mattered.

I continued speaking my mind

And my silent persona shattered.

To this day I use my perspective

To assist those I can in need.

I grew as a counselor and person

Once my thoughts were finally freed.

I had to address my inner conflicts

Before I could truly help others,

It was crucial to develop my voice first

Before I could liberate another’s. 


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