Freedom Ink

Poetry is an expression and release

An outlet to the overflowing plugs of life-

a place that listens when the world denies your existence.

I write to be heard.

To be understood and for my opinions to be considered

and not swept under societies blanket of what they believe to be


For I am an individual which I knew before

poetry became a “thing” for me

, but I never truly understood what individuality really meant.

At the age of nine, I saw the signs-

The Freedom ink created.

At the age of ten I began

To unlock the secrets of my soul,

into metaphors and hyperboles that expressed my life-

My passion, My sorrows, My story.

Me as an individual.

What made me different from everyone else-

My definition of a normal human in a sordid world.

I never wrote for anyone else’s enjoyment

or because someone had an opinion to express.

This is My ink, My freedom, and My story to tell

Mines and no one else.



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Seriana Gamble

This is my first time posting my poetry publicly. Please give feedback. :)

Keonte' Sealey

I really love this poem! Like , reading this I really feel connected to it. It's feels like something amazing. Freedom Ink. Love it.

Seriana Gamble

Thank you so much! Truly does mean alot.

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