My World of Different

Tue, 09/29/2015 - 17:08 -- M Cubed

I Am

Paint splashed onto weary walls

That have stood over centuries of the normal person.

Spots of color to prove I am different

Than the rest 

Splotches that don't blend in

With the rest

Splatters that won't hide

Among the rest.


Look at me, look at me

Twirling against cement

Soaking into pavement and

Reflecting towards the sky -

Don't let me fade dull

Don't let me scrape, peeling

I don't want to bleed into the mortars and fill the mold

Of the wall of the normal person.


I Am

Paint dripping from the brush in the world's hand

And dips into the same ten cans

Because there are only so many colors in the rainbow.

Tilt the buckets and spill out

To get away from the normal spectrum;

Adjust my own course away from the rest

Into the sea of Originality

I can't take the easy way out.


Remember me, remember me

Snaking along the ground

Swelling into waves and

Crashing into the sky -

Don't let me puddle up,

Don't let me evaporate

I don't want to dry into the bristles and stagnate

On the brush of the normal spectrum.


I Am

Watercolor spread thin across the crinkle of paper

Reaching for sodden opacity

Inspired by stories of Different.

Remember hoping things get better with age but

Glazed over by normal expectations

That smear into the rest

I get less extraordinary with every year

While clinging to soggy remains in my world of Different.


Save me, save me

Sinking into Average

Falling into Ordinary and

Pounding against Obscurity's sky -

Don't let me split softly

Don't let me tear, drenched

I don't want to end up ruined when I could be 

The new walls glowing in the spectrum of Different.

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Congratulations!  Amazing poem.


Love, love, love this!


Great Poem

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