Then I Grew Up


My favorite song was about a zoo.

It was about animals, and family,

and all that I knew.

It was cute, and it rhymed,

and it made me smile.

It made me happy,

at least for a while.

But then I grew up.

I thought that the song was

childish and lame.

It was too repetitive,

and repetition is for shame.

My favorite song told a story.

It was A Tale as Old as Time,

and it never got boring.

I would dream and I would dance.

I would play and I would prance.

I was the most beautiful Princess at the Ball.

But then I grew up.

I held onto the song,

I didn’t let it go.

I loved the song, but they did not.

And I couldn’t let them know.

My favorite song had a guitar, a banjo,

and even a fiddle!

I guess that its genre

isn’t really a riddle.

It made me happy,

it was about my hometown.

Everyone would just look at me and frown.

And so I grew up.

Apparently the song

just wasn’t okay.

The word my peers used

actually was “gay.”

It made me upset, so upset, you see.

And my new favorite song wasn’t really me.

I didn’t think it was really music,

because they only talked and never sang.

It was about things I knew nothing of,

like sex, drugs, and gangs.

I knew I had to grow up.

I couldn’t listen to music I hated.

After all, that music should have been R-rated.

My favorite song was about a boy.

The boy liked someone else better,

but the song brought me joy.

I felt like I could relate,

because it was about a boy that I would never date.

But then I grew up.

I thought that the song

was sexist and rude.

Just the mention of it

was enough to put me in a mood.

The boy in the song,

it was his place to choose.

Even if the other girl wore "slutty" shoes.

My favorite song had a sound of its own.

It was new, it was different,

it was absolutely brilliant.

No one at school had heard of the band before,

and it was just like a treasure to me.

It made me feel unique,

it made me feel free.

Then the other people heard of the band,

so you see.

And so I grew up.

They got popular and grew, and then they sold out.

They made music differently now.

They sang about parties, drinking, and stuff.

As well as other things,

previously unheard of.

My favorite song changed everyday.

“Out with the old, in with the new,” as they say.

This was fun, I loved it for a while.

But then I grew up.

It made me tired, and got harder to go.

After all, there was so much music to choose.

My favorite song had really cool guitar solos,

and a whole lot of drums.

It was deep and it was meaningful.

But it was also loud and fun.

They stopped making music, and their fans faded away.

I loved the band, and I wanted them to stay.

But I had to grow up.

My favorite song was soft and it was sad.

For whatever reason,

it made me think that my life was so bad.

I realized this song wasn’t healthy for me.

So I decided to grow, grow like the tree.

Then I grew up.

I kept growing up.

I couldn’t make it stop,

and I couldn’t slow it down.

I just kept growing up,

and it made me frown.

I grew up, all the way up.

My favorite song was one that I knew.

My favorite song was the one about the zoo.

I couldn’t remember all the words like before,

but it still made me smile. I smiled all the more.

It reminded me of people long passed away,

and brought me memories of my younger days.

The song about the zoo brought me life again,

life I hadn’t felt since I don’t know when.

I grew up and grew up,

until I could grow no more.

But my favorite song watched me;

it was with me for sure.

So now, let it always be told,

that I grew up and grew up,

until I grew old.


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