An Introspection on the Words of a Loved One

My grandmother just told me

That is wasn't her fault she was lonely.

She thinks she was in the right

To make me not fight

The gender roles her generation has posed for me,

But it's not just me-it's for everybody.


I mean, I am only seventeen,

But her words can get to me.

Without her, I wouldn't have this introspection.

But why is it that I need a husband?

I was just fine wanting a dog

I move so much, I don't want to be a land hog.

I would only occupy smaller apartments,

And keep myself in safe environments.


Yet, when I hang out with friends,

I feel like my happiness ends.

When the time comes to say, 'goodbye,'

That part always makes me regret saying, 'hi.'

But I'm not at the bottom. I can grow

Into a flower

There's so much power

Inside of me

Waiting to be

On the outside where it rightfully belongs

And soon I can again sing happy songs.


This feeling is only temporary

But it occurs so constantly.

Because I know everyone has their lives

And everyone is the center of their own hives.


So no one is insignificant

But people seem to forget that.

Each person's existence is unique

And so no one should treat

their problems the exact same way

and as my mother would say,

"Those who meddle need someone,

to meddle in their lives."

And although that causes infinite

meddling and mistreatment,

That's where friendships start

And that's where friendships grow


But I'm not looking for a friend.

I'm just hoping to express my individuality

I'm not saying I have plenty

Of friends, I just think I'd rather ones who'd last to the end

of time and space for me

and I could do the same for them, obviously.


So let me have my pet,

and do not suspect

That I am just like you
Because that would be Déjà vu

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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