Brina's Diary



Do you know how it feels?

to not be comfortable in your own skin?

waking up everyday

and wishing 

you looked like someone else

finding beauty in everything

in everyone

but yourself

saying all types of things 

inside your head

I'm fat

I'm ugly 

how could 

anyone see 

the beauty 

in a hideous

creature like me 

Do you know how it feels?  

to see yourself as nothing more 

than a failure 

alone in the future 

and unsuccessful 

disappointing friends and family 

who thought you could beat the odds 

and become 

something amazing 

Do you know how it feels?

to fall for the same tricks 

over and over 

putting your self in the same position

never learning your lesson 

falling for the same fools

who in the end 

want only one thing 

that you continue to give them

hoping they won't leave

failing to see 

that you deserve better 

Do you know how it feels?

to lose all faith

all hope 

give up on everything 

cause you can no longer cope 

with the stress 

the pain

you wish the blood

would stop rushing through your veins

your heart would stop pumping 

and your lungs would stop breathing 

you'd wake up

and this would all be a dream

it'll all be a joke 

and the past never happened 

then reality kicks in 

and you realize

that this is your life 


before your eyes

you can't change what has already happened

it's only the future you can control 

and its up to you to go 

down the right path 

or chose the same old route

Do you know how it feels to be me?

that, I highly doubt. 


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