A poem for creative writing

“students I want you  to write

a poem tonight.

And let that poem come out of you

and be you.”


You want this poem to be me

but if it is it must be free

you give me a templet, a criteria to fit into

the way society has limited me to


I’m 15 years old, defiant and strong willed.

The cookie cutter outline shall never be filled.

at least by one such as I

one who writes her own destiny, the one who will fly.


I ride the bright yellow school bus,

as every day I find I must,

to a house that should be home

To A place that is not my own

I take a seat in the broken rocking chair

there's a different story there.

The words emanate from the pencils lead  

many word that's gone unsaid.


I wonder what the world will hold.

My future hasn't yet been told,

but I wish and hope that I’ll be

always 100% me.


I wish for joy, I wish for laughter,

I wish for friends that will last forever after.

perhaps someday I’ll know

why it is people go.


A poem for creative writing.


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