the most authentic version of Me

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 01:41 -- emmab37


i am my mother’s child,

my father’s daughter,

my sister’s sister

and my brother’s target.


i am my friend’s friend,

my grandparent’s angel,

my teacher’s pupil

and my homework’s slave.


i am my netflix account,

my twitter,

my instagram

and my phone.


i am my bed,

my closet,

my computer

and my vast array of flannels.


i am the application i sent to the colleges,

My Future,

my future that others want for me

and what i believe my life to be.


I am whatever I want to be,

whatever I want you to believe I am,

a chameleon in the electronic jungle

and a phantom not to be discovered.


You do not know me,

you never will either,

I do not know me

and I find that fantastic.


I am alive,

I am everyone’s ideals of who I am,

I am who I want to be

and no one at all.


I am.


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