I’m writing poetry on a whim

I have no experience

But I can tell you of my experiences

I have a friend

We all have friends

Don’t we?

Don’t we?

One Saturday she up and goes and texts me

“Greg we aren’t friends anymore”

At first I was calm

I thought about all those scenes you saw in movies

The parts where people over react and act like assholes

I didn’t want to be an asshole I wanted to be mature

So I told her “Well I knew this was coming” and I

just preceded to be mature about the entire thing

but deep down I knew I didn’t want to be mature

deep down I wanted to break to scream

she had been my one and only true friend

and she had decided to tell me that we weren’t friends any more

through a fucking text

through A fUCKing TeXT

I felt like I had just gotten a break up text

She told me that I had a shitty personality and a shit mentality

She’s fucking crazy

I’m fucking crazy

I’m an introvert at heart

I enjoyed going out to the mall with her

I enjoyed spying on cute boys with her

And now all of a sudden my personality is the problem

I’m disappointed in myself

Not at the fact that I didn’t discover my own flaws

But at the fact that I didn’t discover hers

This is may be an asshole thing to do

But I feel like she’s the one who’s wrong

Bear with me because my thoughts get a bit dark here

But who is she

Who is she s to tell me

To tell me

That I am the one who’s shitty


Does she look at herself

Does she understand how shittily she has treated me!

I’m disgusted

I’m disgusted at the fact that I need her more than she needs me

You know

One time she actually avoided me for a day

But what she did

It’s unforgiveable

we were about to cross paths and she goes the other way

I don’t know how fucking far her head is up her ass

But thinking that I am that attached to someone

She really must not know me

But in the end I’m going to be a good boy

I’m going to steal a yearning glance at her when I pass her in the hallway

And when she talks to me I’m going to lap it up like the god dog I am

But she better watch out this dog is out for blood

And I don’t care about the social consequences of snapping on her

I’d rather be free than a slave to her approval


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