Little Bird

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 21:49 -- sierras


We enter this world small and fragile

Taught to glide under another's shadow

Small wings weighted down

Unable to soar on their own


Little bird, young sprite

Knowing nothing but to follow and conform

So cautious in your steps


Little bird this is not freedom

This is not who you are

You are a trailblazer

One who will carve your own path


Caution need be forgotten

In discovering oneself


Oh little bird, fall deeply in love

Finding who you want to be

Embrace yourself with wings strong and tight


Weave skillfully through the highs and lows

Through the battles won and lost


Individuality is well worth the long fight


Now rise from the ashes of war, little bird

Stronger than ever before

Rise as a Phoenix, your true form


Soar above the clouds now

Wind and freedom under wings

Master of the currents

Strong, fast, confident in your path


Phoenix you have found it

Your inner happiness

Rooted in being unique

Such a peaceful radiance

shining from this little bird

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