Myself Four Years Prior

Dear myself four years prior,

a time oh so dire.

Acceptance and status

were key.  


If I could turn back the clock-

do it all over again,

here is what I suggest to thee.


Exterior appearance,

the people you know,

the thoughts others share

about you.


These things seem other-wordly,

the water to life,

but in reality are gum on a shoe.  


In a place full of judgement, of anger,

resentment, the words of others can sting.

“Annoying, strange, overly-peppy”

meaningless opinions others sing.  


The friendships you make,

comrades who surround you,

should do nothing but bring smiles.  


Ignore all the judgement,

be true to yourself,

the real companions

will suddenly show.  


Embrace change- be different,

daring, delightful.  Do NOT follow

machine-like patterns of your peers.  


Make your own path,

and step to a new beat,

and own who you are,

and never accept defeat.


Four years goes by quickly,

you become a mere flash-

an uncomfortable yearbook image

for future children to bash.


Make no enemies  

wish no ill will,

but always fight for your values.


Love myself from the present,

a time rather un-dire.

Friendships and individuality

are key.  


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