My Daughter

For my daughter:

I wish only the greatest of aspirations so that when somebody says “No!”

She will say “Yes!”

And off into the world she will go, but not before I've taught her how much there is to learn,

That no matter how hard you try it's ok to if you do not always succeed.

No matter how much you say “I can fix it!” sometimes you cannot.

No matter how much you laugh, sometimes you will ache

And you will ache and you will spend countless days and nights continuously awake

Because he decided it was ok that you were less than him or that you were not the best to him anymore.

Because she felt insecure and she cannot endure like you can.

Because they all decided that you weren't good enough.

Because they think only technology is the cure to the disease of individuality and that Barbie should be the goal for all the “real” girls out there,

But you should never be sorry because they could not be more wrong.

She shall never be intimidated or affected by the world's rejection of self love.

And when she finally figures out the deepest of meanings behind the word “no” and

when it whips her in the face like a hurricane on the coast I’ll remind her “do not be blinded by the pretty smiles”

and when she repeats it over and over again i'll tell her “make sure it is heard for miles.”

I’ll show her life is more than just aspirations and interactions.

Life is about joy

And no she does not need some silly little boy to make that happen.

Instead I’ll tell her to dream and to admire:

That she should spend days pouring over the veins in leaves and the way they ripple in the wind,

Spend nights pondering the planes that light up the sky creating trails in the clouds,

And to never stop enjoying the little things that light her up inside

And NEVER let somebody tell her her dreams are too wide

I’ll tell her that she should take advantage of the opportunities she is given

since my only regrets I have are the chances I did not take.

“Eat the cake” I’ll tell her

“Have fun” I’ll tell her

“Follow your head and heart” and when they don’t agree, “follow your dreams” I’ll tell her

For your dreams are what are most important to you.

They will be your escape when you need them.

They will be your drive when you need them .

They will be your anything because they are yours.

And lastly, for my incredible daughter, I will be her shores when she needs me because as much as all of that can hurt and sting and ache,

Nothing is more piercing than loneliness and so I will be the bridge between the beating waves of the ocean and the abyss of solitude.

I will tell her, “I am here for you, and only you. Always”

Always and forever my wonderful daughter.


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