Music is who I am


"Thats not even muisc" they say

"All they do is scream"

It seems to me like you're forgetting something

Catchy beats and rhyming words is not what music is about

Its about the emotion that goes into the writing, nevermind the sound

A form of expression, and to some, an outlet

It reminds us all to never make a habit of falling into depression

Look around, theres others like you. We have all been affected

By the harshness of life; impossible to avoid

Stand up for yourself, lets make some noise

Give in to the beat and forget everything else

If to express the rage inside I must scream at the top of my lungs

Then may even the heavens hear my crys

I wont settle for anything less

When I listen to music, its like there is hope

I find a shining light inside of me, it fills in the void

In my writing I can say who I am

If I scream it, at least you know my tone

The power to share your emotions through music

Connects everyone listening, We should all use it

To let the world know who it is we are

Those you dislike for screaming their feelings

Just know they put their heart into it. THAT is true meaning.

They told me to never give up

Embedded within me a positive feeling

Said its okay to be different

So despise what you say, they are my heroes

And through their music I discovered how strong I could be

Now I can say this is who I am, this is me.




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