Can I?

Sun, 09/22/2013 - 20:24 -- Halie_M


Can I put my trust in you?
My future?
My dreams?

Can I share with you my biggest fears?
My worries?
My tears?

No.  I cannot.
You do not teach me trust.
You do not teach my compassion.

You teach me paper.
You teach me score.
You teach me competition.

Is the student sitting next to me going to steal my dreams because you categorized me to be less intelligent?

Will I fall behind because of one bad score on an exam that drained me?

In school I have learned to fight.
I have learned to stand alone.
I have learned everyone around me is not a friend, but a competitor, and in the end only few will become victors.

I want to learn trust.
I want to learn Compassion.

Can I teach you this?
Can I show you the real meaning of instruction?

The Idea is to pass on, not only facts and logic, but wisdom and maturity, love and consciousness, humanity and unity.

Individuality is now conformity.

We must become individuals, all of us. But we are all the same individuals, with the same skill of destroying each other for our own gain.

Can I trust you to teach me to be a real person?


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