Gender Roles

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 17:17 -- kaysink


United States
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I knew a girl once who got called boy more times than she could count
each time it brought tears to her eyes liked she’d never amount
to their glorified expectations
horrified by her image in the mirror
hair much too short, features too sharp, breasts too small
echoing names yelled at her down school halls
“Are you a boy or a girl?”
They scream as if you can condemn someone for their gender
as if they’d rather us all be a pretender
because boys aren't allowed to like pink
and girls aren't supposed to be blue
but really the only person your gender should matter to is you
because society is one big brainwash
they shove Barbies and makeup down our throats
drowning you in moats of insecurity
because you’re not pretty enough
or it’s GI Joes and sports shoved in your face
and if you can’t compete you’re a disgrace
because you’re not strong enough
but who the hell can say what really constitutes a gender?
the only difference between male and female
is the parts you got down under
you are who you are
and that’s nothing to be ashamed of
gender roles are meaningless
they’re society’s crutch to keep us in our place
throwing us in a constant arms race
when in reality it doesn't matter what you wear
or how you talk, or what you look like
that is your choice
if a guy wants to wear a dress
and the girl wants to wear the suit
then that’s nothing for anyone to dispute
your gender shouldn't be a life sentence
of who you are, and what you should be
look deep inside yourself
and find exactly who you are meant to be


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