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When you tried your best, you seem to get knocked down again, And you are left there wondering if this is going to be the end. If this whole time you have been fighting for no real reason,
You know when it finally hits you and you get tired of your own bullshit, And it becomes too much and all you can think about is how bad you want to quit?
PERSISTENCE You may be getting little or even none today, but belie'e me, you soon gonna be getting plenty that way if you ain't quit someday.
YOU COULD DO IT You'd do it as long you believe you could. And because you could doesn't meant you should. Be good you certainly would. #c9_fm
Be aware before falling in love Fore it always brings sores Later which turn into storms with all the love comes a curse  With a prize No matter how hard you try  You may never rise again!
I cut my hair for you That was not enough Gave you my voice and time Was not pleased with that either You trapped me with unimaginable thoughts You took me out of my prime
I believe that you appreciate me I believe that you will love me unconditionally  I believe that you will love me without regrets I believe that you raised me the best way you can
 Silent, Sad, Mad, What is wrong with me? I am crying inside  where you can not see. Silent, but LOUD Explain to me.
Shine like a diamond when the world calls you coal   Ignite like a flame, even in winters so cold   Fly like a dove when storms are approaching.   Stand tall like a tree, when no one is watching
Keep your head up, don't get fed up. Choose your roads wisely, you might like where you end up. Let your thoughts manifest into a physical form. Where you dreams can ascend, and be reborn.
How my brain responds to “I love you”:  
Scars Still present From when My old self Died   And I began To hide  And stay away   Small scars On my legs From when Writing Couldn't keep
People, humans, mankind A bit of a mystery, so it seems After a bit of growing up you think there’s nothing to redeem On the outside looking in, it may appear that we have it all together
The older you get the more callous you become Yet magic started for me at 23, Balloons and bubbles were a thing at 30 At 60, my heart became wide open ratting me out for every feeling; little tattle tale.
From whence I was born my life was in motion, constantly flowing like waves in the ocean. Smaller at first without much commotion, then larger at last just like an an explosion.
My wish Simple yet difficult Wanting, is it so wrong? The gods think so But why? Surround me with others Better than me They act They sing They create I destroy
  When the world turns cold... You must remain bold... Stay true to your dreams, Even when rough as it seems... To your Father should you look -or in the words of his book,
and i seethe ghost of youon every street  and i say:i don't believein ghosts anymore
    I fear not for what I don’t have, but for what society lacks in value Schools taught me how to read and think “right”, but that “right” was wrong
Two men stand along a ring. The champion steps out first. Next, comes the challenger. The underdog. The believer.
I believe in you, I believe in you. I believe in you, you can do anything! There is no one perfect, just try your best. I believe in you.
I believe in life, in authentic living, in the joy of being.I believe in the exaltation of the heart at the dawn but also at the sunset that withdraws  its rays in the night`s rest.
Life is tough, but we can do it, if we believe. Don't listen to anybody's voice, But your own. Please say, that you will not give up. You have to try so the light can shine through,
                                               The View from Below You stand up for what you believe is right, But the world looks down on you, it's alright You will face many struggles,
  Did you see her? Did you admire her?   Did think that she notices you? Did you believe that she loved true?   If that happened, you'd be considered the hero
Medicine It’s been apart of my life ever since I was little I hated medicine All the pokes and pins All the stickers and Batman bandaids to make me feel better
Allow me to express my deepest gratitude In words deep from in my soul You are always there when I wake up And the first one to answer when I call You taught me how to open my heart
Pressured by all Motivatedby none What will I do When I'm faced to the gun? Inspired by failure Lookdown upon success Will I reach my goal Or give up like the rest?
Once the light has been revealed to you it is inescapable you open your eyes and there it is filing into you but you still blink
Some people say you win some Some people say you lose some Right Now, Right Now I've lost hope Some people tell me to give it all up  Some people tell me to work to go up  But Right Now, Right Now I just cant
Dear Reflection,   When I look at you I see FEAR. I see that you DO NOT know the STRENGTH in your SOUL. You share the worry lines of POVERTY in your face. The dark eyes of SLEEPLESS nights.
Dear reserved little girl, In a room full of kids with everything to say, you had nothing to say  
Dear Younger Me,   If I could go back and change things I might, to undo the wrongs and make them right. But that's the thing, the very falslihood I used to believe,
Dear Younger Me, with eyes so bright Dreaming of the future all day and all night Your fantasies soaring like eagles across the blue Your imagination skipping like pebbles do If I could offer this for the days ahead
Here we are, Here we need to be. Lost in translation, The past seemingly on a continuous unconcious loop. To be brave to believe in some idea, So foreign to thee. The magic can flow and light it will be.
Dear Ana, There is something out there for you, you can't hear it or see it, but it's there Like a flower growing, or a caterpillar unknowing You will grow, you will bloom, transform, and fly
A white feather fell on me as I walk to my office. Once I enter the office, I felt a kiss on my cheek. I looked back quickly and saw nothing.   I resume to work without thinking or telling that to my boss,
To believe you can achieve you must want to successed. To become what you want to become, you believe there is no limit. To be free from this world, you must believe you can learn.
A great love,  An “I’ll wait” love  Never let you go because I love you  I close my eyes at night to think of you  No butterflies inside because I’m at home with you 
Every time I feel like drowning I just think of all the things I have in life. I try to be happy, but I don’t know what true happiness is.
Is it a dream, or could he be real Can I touch him, can I hold him All I need is to know and feel For I once visualized this day with this man Am I blind, is it true, is it him that I see stand
Once upon a time there was a king, but not just a king, A queen, but oh no, Not just a queen, A quite young maiden, But not just a young madien, All were unaware that the perfectly imperfect, 
It was told that a leader of many Would not see the morning moon. That the giver of plenty, Would die too soon.   Today, he decides to live alongside The Light’s curse.
Nobody goes out asking for it.   When I walk out,I am a statementnot be ignoredbut not be taken advantage of.  
I, too, sing America.   I am determined. They say I don’t have common sense They don’t think I can manage myself. But I know what I am capable of,
just breath,  don't suffocate  let the amber rose  cover the cell let the night  speak to you, to your soul let me breath  you in, I'll show  you art, her  tips are orchid 
This is too the cultures who oppress girls and deny it. listen up, equality don't mean anything too you and we understand it. you deny your daughters, sisters, mothers, aunties and grandmas.
God I am frustratedNothing is as it shouldWonderful thoughts of flightBroken calls of worry
Greetings America You're a great sport I supposed you're egotistic and somewhat rather strange I like that you're diverse although you're not all there at a time I hate the crimes that made you great 
I believe in ME! I always have Don't be negatve Gymnastics all the way!   I believe in ME! Other do not I can do it Dream big You can do it   I believe in ME!
I don’t believe in coincidences and not in accidents. I don’t believe in “fate” But it is in my faith where I find myself to believe. I believe in a life filled with purpose.
"You know you'll be broke?" is what everyone said, their words and opinions filling my head. "A career change already? Are you sure you really want it?" I hadn't even started, and thought I should quit.
I used to be alone - locked out and then locked in; and after days of patient searching return home lonely once again.   I used to be afraid-- to risk the venture of a hand;
This is the story of those who ride the sun.   They end very old and start off very young.   They have kind eyes to see,   ears to listen,   and voices to sing.  
Suicide, cutting, and isolation Three things that filled my life up to 2015 I am not the "me" I was before The younger girl that everyone would ignore I became a social butterfly
Hello little soul flower  It is I, the Sun shining bright on you  I've noticed you've been hiding from me  But why?    It seems to me that you believe you cannot grow as tall as the other soul flowers 
As leader you have to protect,not to neglect for everything that comes your way.  As a leader you have to listen to the information. For your nation.  As leader you should express yourself
Lately I've been feeling so confident So beautiful and empowering Like the world is in the palm of my hand I know if I set my mind to it I can do anything  Just need the desire to dream
People say they'll be there for you. But when I cry all night, What can you really do?   People say they won't leave. But with what I know, How can I believe?  
I believe in Everything I believe in the wonder Santa leaves in the heart of children I believe in the magic Fairies bring to youngsters
When the odds are stacked against you, Believe. When failure is not an option, Believe.  All heros started from nothing, but they Believed. No matter what age, gender, or race you are,
as you start age daily, you learn the dissimilarities between right and wrong: what is accepted by this temporary home and what is not.
If you fall get back up. If you fail you can prevail.   If you love you will learn. If you live you will grow.   If you try you will fly. If you believe
Roses are red and violets are blue this the story of my life i'm about to tell you i'm a just simple guy i could simply be but this world seems so different to me i growed up believing i can be anything
If you tell me again That we’re no different That we just happened Our luck was purely evolutionary I will give up trying Give up telling you that We’re different We’re special
I believe in laughter, The rhythmic movements of a dance, The soft pitter-patter of rain, The rolling hills and grey smoke, The smiles of pain,   I believe in smiles,
I can't seem to find the answers to give to another. Is everything an act as he says or is it just a joke that pays? Everything has changed,  but it doesn't change the way we feel.
My all, my life  I am healed by his stripes  He poured his love all around me  Led me to his kingdom people  Now I am free No longer a slave to this world, but a servant to him 
All I need, it is not the same as what you need. Some people need food or water to survive, others need a phone and a person to thrive. I too need those things to live, but they're not necessities.  
Let's go make some of our wildest dreams come true Not believing you can do it, surely makes a fool out of you.                                        I will believe in you but you should believe in yourself more
Faith   The unparalleled charter of an Island life can take you by storm. The waves crashing against the shores to reassure that they are your only call. No people, No love, No trust
Church is quiet today People swaying with their hands in the air Hymns and clapping are the usual way To show how you love his name Everyone here is moved by the spirit
They say you're not alone, But is that really true? When you think about it, Nobody will believe in you, Unless you believe in yourself. People will let you down, People are not to be trusted.
 I wish you could tell me This is all one big joke I’d believe you if you did Things would make sense If you told me That this isn’t the way things were meant to be That this life wasn’t meant for you
In the 11th grade my English teacher gave me a pen. The pen was smooth and elegant with a digital clock on the end of it. He told me that he saw potential in my writing.
Wiggling toes deep in the cool white sand, Seeing the tropical trees and wild wind dance. Smiling at the site of the gospel in hand, Feeling its power just by taking a glance.
I've always been a believer.. I used to believe I needed to be inhebriated to appreciate the things that he's created.  
I am not the kind of person who just lets go Relaxes, lets loose, and just goes with the flow I cling tight to the future!With dreams ill get better But with every step I just get wetter and wetter As I'm drowning in homework And drowning in seas 
Baby come home In bed i wait for darling to come home Wondering if he is alright or alone I stare at the cling with tears in my eyes Wondering if i could make alone another night
I am a believer in the Boogeyman. I have to sleep with a nightlight. I am a believer in fairies. I will never lose my inner child. I am a believer in laughter. There is no better cure for illness.
I’ve been told that my circumstances will have me thrown into a bowl of “you will never be’s” I’ve been told that I will never be able to turn my face proudly to the sun without feeling the guilt of the shadows that fall at my feet
I believe in the human condition
Think of all the things you've seen, The far off places, Daring scenes. Think upon the times you smiled; The tingling of Your hearts desire. Look back on your passions, prides, And all the items
I called myself a realist, But truth I would resist, I woke up from this dream
Life is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. And it’s going around Life is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. No antibiotics, but no need to frown  
In the low light of a bulb with a small crack A man sat in the corner of a dim room. His hands were clasped upon his lap His face was shrouded with gloom.   He stared at the bed that had used to fit two
I've never really believed in love because when I was younger I heard my dad say, "let's just stay together for the kids" behind closed doors, and my mom agreed with him for the first time in a long time                                          
I think you all know this, To God we do belong, To him we depend, Let him be your friend, For he is always there for you.
Everyone said you would never make it. They said you can never reach the top. Yes, I stopped and think to myself. I'm halfway there not going to stop. They put me in the ground shoved me in the sea.
Dancing in a ring of fire Hoping that your dreams aspire But the drive down the road Is one you'll make all alone All of your wishes and hopes One day you'll climb all the ropes
I was an accident. Definition: Simple as that. The day I came knocking on my mother's womb door, everything changed from party college life to adulthood.   I was rasised by hard workers.
We still see light, We still feel warmth, We still hear melody, Why do we have trouble, Seeing love, Feeling love,
It can move mountains, can reveal fountains, of life and breath,
Trust You? A reason why I should release the pain Because you let my soul fly free
While your mind sits listlessly on its throne, mine ventures to the edges of imagination. Opening up doors you unknowingly pass by, taking notes all the while,
What is “Flawless”? Like what does it mean? You don’t know, well here is a definition Flawless by definition means without any blemishes or imperfections; perfect Now tell me are you flawless?
Waking up every morning, I take a look in the mirror in my room.   She stares back at me, that girl on the glass. Her eyes have much to say, yet they remain ever so gloom. Is she waiting…hoping for a chance?  
Looking into the abyss What do I see? I see me Wearing my ugg boots And skinny jeans “I am pretty” I say “I am smart” I say “I am me” I say  
Time after time people are labeled as things Words of hurt, words that crash dreams Because of how we look, not for what we be But ignoring them all makes me a happier me
I hate this moment I dread condolence There is no hiding This time today   My knees are weak My mind is bleak I cant conceive a way to believe That I am strong  
Clean? Clean, clean, clean... clean... one more time... just one more... twice more... thirce more... I swear I'll stop... soap, water scrub, scrub, scrub hot, scaulding 
Everyone tells me how beautiful I am, and yet I don't see none of it.   All I see is a hopeful girl holding on to false promises and dreams.   They gather around a
I have no filter. Why should I? I say it like it is, No matter what Others think. There are times When this doesn't Make me popular, Times where people Become outright mad,
I am me. I have a passion for sports, but I am not a "jock". I love learning, but I am not a "nerd". I enjoy relaxing, but I am not "lazy". I wear baggy sweats, but I am not a "bum". I am me.  
Wanting to show my kindness, intelligence, beauty  But fear that my confidence will receive the labels of pride and conceit I'm just going to be honest Every inch of me is flawless Vulnerable, anxious
Camera, Camera on my phone. Filter away all my flaws, Surly I do lie, but beauty is key , Without  filters, We shine flawless like  gems, Now we see eye to lens,  Simple beauty,no trends.
At 6am, I'm miserable. Time to get out of bed, move my behind, Clock in for $7.25 at the daily grind, Eight hours for this is fucking criminal.   At noon, I'm finally awake.
You flawed up, they’d say You a mess up, they shout Hair a mess, tears were more, they were cruel They couldn’t care less how I was hurting to the core, they were cruel.
You only live once This words aren't a guarantee For miraculous safety Rather it is a dreamful promise To think of the opportunity you may miss While facing your dream
A broken family With harmful words  A mind filled with caged birds Yelling, screaming float up above  headphones, earbuds singing love A pure mind, a white dove Slamming doors, broken windows 
  Her widsom to empower the future  to belive that a dream can  become a reality  no matter what boundary steps aside  there will always be " Widsom and Hope"
Waking up in the morning it is the first thing on my mind, to practice and hone my skills until it's my time. To become MLG, a dream that I want to be my legacy.
  What uplifts me? Such a simple question But difficult to answer What does it mean? "What inspires me?
The me I see,
I fight I write I conquer.. with my words Ain't that something? I'm mighty fine, alright.   I have a message: You best be listening... You know why you're living?
Beyond the sight, no one can see the prevailing energy nondescript, uncomprehensible
I am looking forward to the future, Fall and winter, summer break and becoming a senior, And even farther in the future, Senior year, prom, and graduation. I am looking forward farther in the future,
All order is broken
  Since the moment you are created
Who Am I... I am hopes and dreams The visions of things That people wish to see But may never be Because everyone wants, but no one tries And with no effort, all hope dies
you love to call me thick  that must be a slick way to tell me to lose weight .  You tell me to put salad on my plate .  I heard you World , to be honest .  This pound cake is too good and it already on my plate . 
  It's because I feel a need to live up to this standard  A bar set by my elders,  To make them proud, To be successful,  And to always strive for more   
What makes me, me? Is it the way I comb my hair, my brains and beauty, or the shoes i wear on my feet? What makes me any different from you? Is it because i'm so kind
Dive, Into each word defining your soul, like a never ending ocean of bliss emotion.   Deep, Dive deep, into yourself, like you are the pacific with unknown depths.   Deeper,
Lost we are Without a clue.
Look at me and tell me what you see. A young black educated male is what I hope you perceive me to be.  I have God beside me, my parents behind me and my family around me and I’m going to strive to be all that I can be.
I remember a quote I folow by from an anime character, Kamina. "Don't believe in me who believes in you, believe in you who belives in yourself."
Do you ever think about one situation & how one little detail could've changed everything?
When did you stop dreaming of all that you can be? And why is it that you stopped believing in more than what you see? Why did you stop living? Who put you in despair? Who dimmed your soul, and left you there…
Walking down this road I called home Thinking of all my dreams that seem so far to reach My mind and heart whispers courage but reality seems to crush my dreams
It means something to go to college. Whether it be to get an education or gain respect. It means something. Whether it be to make something of yourself or to grab attention. It means something.
Dragged through the brink of extinction to a new introduction
You go to school. You get good grades. You go to college. You graduate. You get a job. You get married. You have kids. You retire. You die. Guaranteed success.
My imagining is free.
A moment A sound, a silent message They remind of the dreams we had The dreams now gone We dreamt of happiness for all We dreamt of what could not be We dream of futures for all
You can find me where the dust sparkles in the window from the sun's rays You can find me- there   I'll be hiding beside the curtain blending into the wall
I am a good person. Im telling myself that because I know I am a good person. Well, to be self-honest, to keep the truth before my tired eyes: maybe its just my appearance. My persona is often oppressed and affected by other personas.
For what you do not know could be for better or for worse. To say this one or that one or what about none? For what we see hindsight seems like 20/20 But in the midst of the rising
You can achieve anything from goals to dreams. Theres just 3 steps. 1.)You must believe you can.
Deletion.  Every single one gone.  The memories are fading away.  No way of looking back into the past. No young faces nothing but a faded thought.  Deleted forever, what once was is now gone.
City looked so pretty I hadda put a ring on it. Faces I probably will never see again The darkness swallows her. Before bussiness started, he had to test her The best thing was watching you grow
Happy What Is It? They say Its money They say Its not money What is Happy? They say Its family They say its marriage What is Happy? Is it light? Is it dark?
  I can't explain the things that I'm feeling right now   My mind, my body, my soul are being bombarded with poisenous thoughts   I'm being ripped apart into a million little pieces  
Shh. They can't hear you. Shh. You can't talk about that. Shh. What will everyone think? Shh. No! Ring the alarm, bang the pots, scream out loud!
It's always a good time for a drink.       Drank            Drunk Easy girls and wasted guys make it all the much easier to point a finger blaming a solo cup of bubbles and warm beer.
We all have problems So who are you to come at me Did you ever think that there could be a possibility that i understand In spite of what you have come to "know" We are the same, having a bad day
I know my value.I know my worthand some of you just aren't worth my time.
No one sees, no one speaks, no one listens to the mind of the weak. not here, not there, nor anywhere can this heart bear this pain. I cant breathe. I cant get past. This emotion, this judgment
Inspiration, that imperial feeling toward yourself, to express yourself, while addressing yourself with the things you do to the people who see only to judge, judge, judge you for your rights or w
The question that repeats in most minds that asscioate with me, tends to get rather tiring. "WHY  DO YOU LIKE TO WRITE SO MUCH?" " I like to write because it helps me." *que questionble face and they walk away and talk about me and ask others if I
   I just want to thank you for the chance to tell you about who I am and what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m assuming that even if you didn’t ask me, you must have wanted to know who I really am?
Believe To Achieve To Beleive You Must Achieve Over Come Fears And Regrets Stress Or Non-Stress
Fight on, my friend,
All I wanna do is play, But I'm watching the days pass away, And although you don't give me toys to chew, Master I will always love you,   You walk in the door and I'm happy,
  It was an instant goodbye I began to cry I lost a friend  Oh Dear God, why?  
"Why must love feel like a heart attack"?Some may sayCausing our hearts to sputter one final beatThump, thump, shhDifferent types of love lause different types
Stopping half way across his path I leaned up against his soul and saw the demon taking hold. He took out his nine inch sword and held to the sky telling me and my wolf, we were about to die.
Black is a color but it's not me, its just a title they put on the crayola crayon next to the gray. But its gone far more than anything before, never has this been a subject to explore.
I am holding a bladeUp to my wrist In the knife all I see is lies upon liesBut then I see youAnd your little blue eyesYou say put the kinfe down AuntieOr I will crySo I put down the kinfe
Silent Thoughts Thoughts, That’s all they are That’s all I make. Will they ever be any more? Will they ever be any less?
Please take a minute and look into my eyes I'm going to speak a little of my demise   You see, Just one job could change my life if you look at me, you can't see my strife
Believe in yourself s you can Evolve and Laugh at the things that use t caue you pain so you can Inspire other do the same and Engage awih them to be Vivid and detrmined cause it'll than
Keeping these thoughts from driving me crazy, I watch the twist and turns of reality and my life just passing by,
In society people pin themselves in categories Ones that they aspire to be apart of Ones they are apart of And ones that they want people to think they're apart of This causes shame
What can I be? Whatever I please Whatever they don't want me to be I aim my life every day to be more than just a statistic aim to be the rose that would raise from the concrete  
I don’t want to be anywhere, anywhere but here
Why do we fight?
"OMG you too Ms. Imani?You see I... I thought I was the only"Thats what this young girl said to meas she glared at meno longer feeling lonely.
We all have that one goal in life That one job we’ve dreamed about all our lives since we were little Whether it was to become a princess like Cinderella To be the firefighter that saves the day
I close my eyes and what do I see? I see myself just looking at me I am full of regret and sadness too on what could have been, had I not listened to you  
If I could change one thing
Pieces of hope Keep falling from above, Pieces of hope That are birthed from love, Where they come from Is of little concern, But how to catch them One must learn.
Making the world go round, A piece of advice you hear everyday. You keep turning and trying and living, But what is that? anyway. You try and you try  But you go no where, nothing. 
Hollow Ghost of Red Heart             Ominous with frantic rage             Yet vindictive under the Vail             Luminous as starlight nights
Hard Work             Drive through flames             Face the endless nights             Burn doubt and all else             Arise higher than the sun            
Breathing Just Fine             Held under water             Gazing upon him             We fight for a way out             The sea blue runs black            
I can romanticize anything   Books, jobs, boys Toys! This list is endless.   I am a clear romantic at heart I can spin a tale and have that tale Be invigorating, special, fun, exciting
Potential is what I see when I look in in the mirror staring at me. Thousands of ways to help the world... But will I be so ever bold? To work one of my destined careers, That helps both of Earth's hemispheres?
Homeless individuals sleep with dreams of what they used to be Now they have moved on leaving the new generation drowning sea to sea No education, no temptation, to get a dream fulfilled
The time has come, my choice is made This life is cruel and humanity has no hope
The reel is inserted Lights are blinding The Sound is speed Cameras begin to roll
Her hair is matted, there is dirt on her face
"Mommy, can I be skinny like those girls on T.V?" I hear these words and put my head in shame. "Mommy, can we go to McDonalds today?"  I hear this constantly and feel the same.
 There once was a warrior, and
One, two, three.
The Devils Eyes That’s a frosty way to speak To tell me how to live your dream. I believed in you So you should believe in me. Like fire I tried, I bled into the night,
I try to find myself, but I've been lost for forever. It's like I'm going in a circle so you'd think I'd know better. I'm somewhat lost in a trance,  I can't find myself. Took 34 pills disregarding my own health.
This is for the girl
There are those that make the most asinine of assumptions Is willful ignorance funny?   Who are those who quell their voices in the midst of rustling leaves and perceived as either mute or dumb?
I believe in you when all your chips are down  or no one else is around.  I believe in you no matter where you go  or when your self esteem is low. 
If I could change If I could fix every little insecurity  that lies within my mind would I, even be I?   I could fix my nose or figure by funneling foreign substances into my body
Believe in me I 'm going to see A world so big, but small   Travel far
I hope the day reality hits me Takes its time in coming With the blow   I want to spend my days dreaming, Wishing on shooting stars, And believing the world is somehow 
Just how much of a blessing must it be To return to the shelter of your home and see That nothing has been damaged, displaced,
Its not always understood that maybe your cultural views and religon, tend to get in the way of many things.
A new day A new mornig A new breath A new beginning   Yesterday is behind you Laugh at its mistakes Tomorrow is beyond you Smile at its mysteries Today is yours for the taking
Oh Hollywood, oh Hollywood How I long for thee If I could go to film school for free, A happy flimmaker I would be   But I have no money So I must save In order to pave
The flower upon your head,
I come from a beautiful land that has a rich culture, delicious food, and extreme heat! I was born and raised in Nigeria and this will forever be my world.
  Every once in a while, someone will bring you down,
We grow up wanting to leave a stamp on this universe. We are told very young,  we can become are dreams if we wish it. And through it all, we create a mind set of this reward in the end.
I keep myself in a notebook under my bed. I think in song. I dream in poems. I believe in incohesive pictures flashing a mile per minute. Like speeding cars on a highway,
Creativity Can’t Stop   When’s the last time you created something? Anything—a drawing, song, recipe, story?
Here's a thought, The thought is life The thought is need What good is life when no one believes?
I belive in angles, in love at first sight. I belive in dreams and nightmares. I belive that giving up is the easy way that's why we must never give up. I belive in God, he's the only one who loves us more than anything.
In the silent waves she saw herself, Lost and confused, she cried for help. Through the screams and moans that came tumbling out, The distorted images that filled her with doubt. No longer could she stand alone,
There is nothing more beautiful in this world than love.But I do not believe in fantasy.Though I wish it more than anything to be true,I cannot honestly say that this is the answer.
They say... That friendship lasts forever,
Never will I forget the heavy chain of scatterbrained problems that emitted from a simple choice.
Dear my love, whose name is unknown I’ve encrypted my unspoken words onto this heart of stone   Each waking hour, each restless night, every passing moment all a paradigm
Once there was man who loved me and who loved you. Because of this love this he did what the Lord called him to do.
Its like things in life
All day long, I think about your class,
We're often exposed to music  We're often exposed to violence What you don't really hear of is becoming greater than yourself. You can achieve greatness, you can achieve more.
  “Don’t let them in!” I scream. Barricade the door. Board all the windows. Cry. “Don’t let them in!” I scream. Voices behind the door. Scratching at the windows. Panic.
We are not machines.We are not all one being.We may look at the same things but interpret those same things differently.We are not machines.
It is okay to love   When I was a kid my parents told me about Santa They told me about the Tooth Fairy They told me about the Easter Bunny They told me about God  
"You cant change who you've become" This phrase doesn't apply to you literarlly but figurativley its who you've made your self known to others That DOESN'T mean you cant change yourself for the better...or for the worst
Help me believe that youre the right man for my believe that you can stand to be the mother of my future childrens...
Mr. King, Mr. king.  You allowed us all to dream. you may have gotten shot for your dream, but thanks to you we all now have a shot to our dream.  My people are the "Dreamers"
I can't believe I was so blind, To see the mistakes I made, To see all the chances I could have taken, To see all the things that went wrong, To see all the things I could have prevented.  
Yep, that’s the thing When we finish elementary school, middle school, high school We have to just get ourselves into college We take one thing with us to college It’s not our friends we meet nor the mountains of debt, it’s the Education we attain
believe to achieve believe, what a strong, forceful word without belief, what is the mind? what is the soul? what is an individual? believing it what makes the difference between you and me
when i get tired (this feeling of lonliness) i close my eyes (come meet me) i walk through my dimly lit mind (everything is empty) and i begin to pray (there you are)
  They say suicide Is a selfish act. Although I never could fathom why When it is so difficult to acquire the help one needs For when problems are spoken And cold words form in the warm air
    Abduct our minds. Bend them in two. Take our hearts, And bruise them too.   Your dirty hands, Gripped red soil, Then you checked our pulse   With envious words,
You are important, because you are one of a kind,  There is no replica or clone, just you. Without you, people, nations, worlds, would be lost. From that day you were born to the day you die,
So i took a couple pulls to keep me sanethis music numbing my brain why?you're asking about the vybz or the tree?I dont know.. it's not for everyone but it's for me.
If you believe that your hair don’t look good, believe If you believe that the kid getting bullied is wrong, believe If you believe that your parents are being unfair to you, believe.
Ever feel like your trapped In a bottomless hole so deep  but yet comfortable to your new surrounding  familiar with the dark walls  and the ordinary smell that become your only companions
Why do you ignore me When I know that in your heart we both believe in love? Why do you forget That our souls of steel have more hope than anyone? Why do you hurt When you see this blood and rage?
She really thought it was real this time She was stubborn that this time, this time he was the one So she danced with words on her tongue  And made him feel like a prince
I'm just speaking because I have a voice Writing because its my choice Drawing to tell these illusions, hoping somebody can cure my confusion I can't tell where I'm going things change every second
Life isn't about finding yourself Life is about creating yourself It gets hard Living in a world that's wrapped up in a system that we didn't create
I almost made it through the year unscathed.Life's funny that way.Had me thinking things were all good,but the impending stormknew better.
Stop trying so hard And just relax Take each day slowly And give love back   Life is short And terribly long Painfully bitter Yet a beautiful song  
  I don’t write for myself I don’t often write poetry Words are use to express emotions But what happens when the words don’t come?   God. He sends a message, a plea, a vision.
You wonder why you feel this way you've never felt before, your heart is skipping beats right now,  but then you just ignore.  No, never could this be love,  that's knocking at your door, 
My pen touches the paper.The ink slowly flows.The world spins idly byAs my story steadily grows.
I forgot  Those times I sat on my bed and cried, And sobbed my losses after all I tried And you sat by my side and held me tight You spoke comforting words to make things right.
So you ask me why I write... You want to know why I do what I do? So here, how about I give you a clue,  I am an emotional volcanoe just waiting to erupt, but not in the way you may think, I don't live to dectruct
There once was a river that flowed downstream, It wished and it washed itself into a dream, It wanted to make itself into a clean, Huge flying aircraft machine, It was impossible to say the least,
Where have you been?Where have you gone?I sing sad melodiesof how i was wrongand i can't even dreamwithout you in my armsso its best to believewe just dont belong
It takes months to create,  and yet, with in seconds it can all be lost. That one moment that decides your destiny, your future, your everything. It's what you've been working for all year, all season, your whole career.
At last I ask of you In the end I only plea If there's only one thing you can do Will you Believe in me?
No God, No Peace Know God, Know Peace Know Knowlege, Know Power No Failure, No Cowards Know Love, Know Pain No Pain, No Gain Know Ambition, Know Succes No Breaks, No Rest
Just breathe That’s what they all say It will all be okay Just breathe That’s what they ALL Say, time and time again Over and over
I once believed   I once believed That I could one day change the world The world is a cruel place And I wanted to change that I wanted to take on the world By myself I once believed
Sometimes music is the only thing that clicks, It might be the fastest thing for an easy fix; Sometimes laughter is the only fence,
Beyond imagining the possibly perfect,  Make anything your heart will dare desire, Let it go and run wild and watch the effect, Make no limits: just immensely imagine and don't let it tire.  
  We are the poor kids. The outcasts.  From the unknowns of the Country in the Unknown of the Country.  And yet we are known.  We are that thought in the back of your head. We are the “What If…” of the Race.
Imagine Close your eyes and touch the fabric of your existence Stroke the ends of your own rainbow And breathe in your own memories of journeys undiscovered our nation Right here. Right now
Why do I write? I write to think. I have all these thought going through my mind At 100 miles an hour. When I write, I can't write fast enough When I write, I write to feel.
Directions lead to being Ready to make choices. Everything you hope for is All reality. Making it your world So you can believe in dreams.
I cant stand missionaries No let me rephrase that I cant stand the idea of it Cultural oppression at its finest The idea that you are right And therefore everything else is wrong
I write more than I read, I read more than I sleep, I sleep more than I eat. I am a never ending chain of exhausted outlets existence cannot beat. Slam each moment with the passion that kept you awake last night,
Words are a web of tangled imperfections Different in their composition and order Each a heartbeat in a symphony of chaos Yet when they intersect they become one All differences aside, they collide.
Tell them it’s not me. Tell them it’s not me anymore. Tell them I’m not quiet, That I’m not shy, That I’m the one they should adore. Tell them they don’t know.
Throughout life we all have dreams Goals and desires we hope to achieve Hard work, strength, determination Each play a part in their realization
When it began, no one could tell How hard it was for me I was just like the other boys and girls Just with more energy
Struggles violently clash against my body, seeping inside, deep into my soul. Causing me to fall into despair.
Leaving My dream come true Can I really do this? Believe and keep on believing Living
In hindsight we’re living the dream, But hindsight is blind sight and in mind’s eye In fact we’re destroying the dream. Corrupting morality for technology, But we’re forgetting to keep open eyes,
Girl I promise, It's all worth it. This I'm certain. He'll take away you're hurtin' and turn it into a curtain. When pulled back; Shown peace. You don't have to struggle, Don't make him a puzzle.
My little love, she means the world to me She's so beautiful, thats all I want everyone to see Six months old, yet she's been through a lot All I can think of, is all of the battles that shes fought
It's not a hollywood movie I can feel you when you come close It's not like a book where I only go as far as words scripted I hear your heart beat against my chest This is a rush I musn't forget
Believe in you Believe in me Believe in us Believe in we Believe in the bond between us and God Believe in our love to last forever Believe in me being here for you and you here for me
Even when you feel weak, to me you are strong To lay next to anyone else and breathe in their air Would feel asphyxiatingly wrong
If I told you I loved you, it'd be a cliché. If I said no one can love you like I can, it wouldn't be true. But what I can say, I will say.
Most may think that being beautiful is the sight of a pretty face, But being beautiful is many things. Beautiful is ht happiness exploding out of your body, The eruption of giggles, The fine gft of kindness,
I feel the cold Bursting through my body The darkness calls my name Urges me to follow the sounds of his voice  His voice is full of temptation He wants me to reject the light And give him my soul
You’ve got that look in your eyes And I can see you’re off somewhere Building castles in the air Hoping one day you can live up there Hoping one day that you’ll be up there
(poems go here) Children, by standers, marathon runners, and victims of Boston: You are strong. Measure your strength not by wounds or scares, Physically or mentally, But by blessings counted.
i shouldn't but i do i trust i love i believe only to lose once again
That night The earth smelled so rich And inside I ached. Loneliness, Even though so many people Were laughing. I was grasping night air With my fist And wondering why
Seeing is to believe Believing is to follow blindly Follow blindly… Blindly… Blind… The Blind cannot see Seeing is believing
Suffocating in darkness As a diseased light paved my way I attempted to scale the barriers That separated me from the outside where life thrived
For all the little boys and girls who were told no For all the teens who were told that their dreams aren’t good enough For all the adults who could never live their dream For anyone who never had the support they needed
Within the embrace of your arms, you lay your head down, You cry out, yet there’s no sound, You search for hope, which you know can only be found from looking up, Yet your eyes cannot leave the ground,
Please excuse my hard exterior For I see you have to chisel slow In order to force through me To form the creation in your mind That you see
(poems go here) I want my words.. By Ms. Marketta Taylor
I have cried And feel Like I've just died I don't know whyyyyyy. I hurt so bad I get so mad When the pain Hits me hard It feels like acid rain As being stab by shard
One seems to cry and falls The beliverance is but all The sorrow and pain Burns faster the the acid of rain Your heart is broken Your feelings are frozen Your will is but all gone
How do I explain how feelings change, how strained this train of thought chugs along with nowhere to stop and drop this ticking bomb. The face of your clock can tell me nothing when I can’t look into its eyes.
You push me down You Kick Me Down You Dig a Hole You Stabbed My Back And push me down Again And Again But what’s the point What’s the problem? I’m I Not good enough
We who believe in freedom still can't rest, Cause we who believe in freedom can not rest until it comes.
here it goes… right out the window watching it explode tempation creeps hard but you don’t really know trying to say stop while your body says go your mind screaming yes
I'm stuck in this moment but just for right now It won't last forever It ain't bringing me down One of these days yeah I'm gonna blast past It'll happen so fast In the blink of an eye
God is on our side Together we WILL succeed God, you are my light
I wake up with a mission every day, To make my dreams come true, To try something new. To accomplish my goals and avoid all the holes, I don’t want to fall; I want to stay tall. Call me a dreamer,
Life is tough, so get a helmet, That's what we have been hearing all our lives. Stuck in the in between of getting spoken to like a child, But expected to act like an adult.
The Sun is our future, The Moon is our Past, The Sky is the Love that never seems to last. The Flowers are our smiles, And the trees, our laughs. But, the cry? The cry is our universal question... Why?
Our backs were bent ‘til we were walking on the knuckles of our souls The trees were drinking angels’ tears in the deserts where they grow And the only time my heart was shaken was when I threw it to the wind
Its time to make a decision A decision to stand or to fall To live life to the fullest or fall in the trash of the past The time is now to decide to live and to love the lives we have
The black mother could only shed one solitary tear. To see her only son locked up for having no fear. For being proud of his color, character, and his dream; After all she planted the seed.
I got Cali on my mind My hearts not so far behind But everyone I come across tries to steal my light I don't know what I must have done To drive em all to fight To use harsh words against my dreams
You think you’re the only one going through this shit Well there’s one to many others Look at me Look in my eyes I’ve seen your pain I’ve felt the same disgrace I watched my mother suffer And cave
Am I suppose to believe this is delliance I've been taught love can't be brief, love should never be evanescent, isn't it suppose to stay here being protected by angel wings, love is to mellifluous for me,
In a world full of technology and communication we all end up in a seemingly endless situation in a world full of thinkers and hopeless drinkers the endless lovers and overbearing mothers
Dreaming, wondering Believing. The Girl who was always Believing That anything could happen. That you could fall in love with anyone. She always urged me to stand out, to Believe
At the end of the world People will cease To love and trust each other. People will stop dreaming And believing And hoping. And the human family Will begin to crumble Piece by piece
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